Barack Obama Is Dead To Me

This graphic, based on the poll tracker at Talking Points Memo, shows Chris Christie’s favorables and unfavorables over his term as governor. I’ve added, in blue, several key events from this period to give some context as to why his numbers may have varied.

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Notice that Christie’s three largest legislative accomplishments — 2% Cap, Pen-Ben, and TEACHNJ — have little if any positive effect on his favorables. I would argue there are only two big bounces: post-Irene, and post-Sandy. What does this mean?

Without natural disasters, Chris Christie’s re-election chances would be much lower than they are right now.

Which means the presumed front-runner in the presidential race of 2016 does not have a lock on winning by a “bigger margin than any Republican in a generation.” And he knows it, which is why he has set his sights far lower in recent months.

So Christie is mortal; in fact, I believe he can be beat. I believe this week’s news that his lead over Barbara Buono has shrunk was inevitable; with a big push by Democrats and smart campaigning by Buono, that lead should, inevitably, shrink even more.

Given all this, you would think our lame-duck president — who has nothing to lose in supporting Barbara Buono — would make at the very least a cursory showing of support. You’d think Barack Obama would show just a little effort and enthusiasm for the only prominent Democrat in New Jersey who had the guts to take on the challenge of running against Christie. Out of respect to her, the state party, and all the people Christie has slimed over this last term, you’d think our “fightin’ for you!” president could take a few hours to get on a plane and stand side-by-side with Buono, lending a fraction of his star power in the cause of at least slowing Christie’s charge at the White House.

You’d be dead wrong:

President Obama is not planning to campaign for Democrat Barbara Buono in her quest to rob Gov. Chris Christie of a second term, the Associated Press reported yesterday.

This year and next, Obama only plans to lend his political firepower to close races where he could help cinch a win for his party, a Democratic official involved with Obama’s political plans told AP. The official wasn’t authorized to discuss strategy and requested anonymity, the wire service said.

Why? Why would Obama do this?

It’s the type of delicate, race-by-race calculation the White House repeatedly will have to make in the 2014, when Obama’s own legacy will be on the line. Next fall, voters will decide whether to elect a Congress that will help Obama achieve his goals for his final two years in office, or whether to elect one that will block him at every turn.

You’re worried about your “legacy,” Mr. President? Well, here’s your legacy, at least in New Jersey:

You’re dead to me. You’re dead to every teacher Chris Christie insulted over these past four years. You’re dead to every public employee Christie broke his promises to. You’re dead to every gay and lesbian couple and their families who want marriage equity. You’re dead to everyone in this state worried that our environment is being raped. You’re dead to every woman seeking health care. You’re dead to the middle class families who suffer under Christie’s inept stewardship of our state’s economy. You’re dead to the students and parents who have to live with the consequences of Christie’s refusal to adequately fund our schools. You’re dead to those who will pay the price for Christie’s politicization of our courts.

President Obama, by refusing to back Barbara Buono, you’re dead to everyone who is appalled by Chris Christie’s unrelenting assault on the values that made this state great.

If, Mr. President, you can’t even muster up a shred of your time and your “legacy” to support Barbara Buono, then I say the hell with you.

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  1. vmars


  2. firstamend07

    What about all this female stuff we always hear from Hillary?

    Obama would be great, but Hillary would have a HUGE effect.

    Where is she?

    Why are people only blaming Obama?

    It is time to call out Hillary also!

  3. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Must be the quo to Christie’s presumed quid.  But it was a pretty one sided deal.  Maybe Obama won NY and NJ by a bigger margin than he would, but I don’t think it mattered for any of the swing states.

    Christie got was the better of the “deal.”

  4. Lesh0317

    Can you cross post this to Daily Kos? There are always Obama wars over there and this could draw attention to Christie’s terrible record.  

  5. bluescat1

    When the DNC or the Congressional fund raisers call I tell them that since the big backers are not supporting Barbara for Governor it is up to those of us in NJ to do it, there for I have no money to donate to national elections all of my donations are going  to help a good Democrat try to get elected Governor.. If they heard that enough times they might get the message.  

  6. ken bank

    Really? I’ll bet he must be rolling over in his “grave”.

  7. Hopeful

    The revealing thing above is that there is no mention of Obama campaigning for Corzine against Christie. If it’s so important regardless of outcome, surely there’d be a thank you for that. Of course, reminding us of it would immediately reveal that a visit wouldn’t make any difference at all.   We all know that

    if Buono makes it close, Obama will visit.  

  8. Liberals_4_Lonegan

    The Democratic Party at both the national and the state level is not invested in defeating Chris Christie and/or helping Barbara Buono.

    They are only interested in supporting Democrats who will work with them to move the party further to the right.  Terry McCauliffe in VA satisfies this prerequisite much moreso than Barbara Buono.  He is also a close friend of Bill Clinton, so it works for both the Clintons and Barack Obama to focus all of the party’s resources in VA and away from NJ.  The last thing that anyone in their circles want is for our gubernatorial race to become competitive and draw resources away from their race.

    This is just one more reason why liberals should seriously consider my proposal.  Cory Booker much more a part of this problem than the solution and will undoubtedly play a leadership role going forward in continuing to make the Democratic Party more beholden to Wall Street and other corporate interests.

  9. Jersey Jazzman (Post author)

    After the Kossacks had a meltdown, here was my reply.

    Must say this was quite interesting. I posted here at a request from a commenter at Blue Jersey. “Why not?” says I. Must say I’ve learned quite a bit from the experience.

    I’m so old I remember a time when the Democratic party was run by a man who insisted that every race be fought. And if anyone said otherwise, they were considered the problem.

    I see we’ve… matured since then. How nice. It’s working out so well for the left, don’t you think?

    All those people I listed above: labor, women, LGBT, environmentalists, students, the middle class… things are so much better when they all just accept that a bullying blowhard – who may be talented but who certainly got lucky with the placement of some storms – is the inevitable winner so they can just curl up and die.

    Well, I’ll leave it to the sage, politically seasoned minds here to triangulate and apportion the president’s valuable time to obviously more important concerns. We here in Jersey can just simply fold up our tents and go home without a fight. We’ll just have to learn to live with Christie’s backers running things for another four years. No point in doing anything about it, right? That would just be “whining”…

    And it’s nice of the president’s staff to make it easier for those of us who have to live under Christie to face the inevitable by leaking this story to the press and further torpedoing Buono’s campaign. Because, you know, fighting for a candidate who’s got a slim chance is just so… well, so 1990’s, don’t you think?

    I just hope that all of you who think it’s acceptable for the president to pull out of a tough fight don’t turn around one day and find out your state or your district is going red because sticking up for members of your own party isn’t politically expedient.

    Good night and good luck.


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