You are Paying for the Christie Re-Election Campaign

I’m not an election lawyer, but I suspect it’s illegal to use state resources for an election campaign. If it’s not illegal, it sure is unethical. But that’s the word to describe Chris Christie.

On yesterday’s NJTV newscast (start at 4:59), Christie used the State House venue for his re-election bid. Note the Christie campaign logo on the podium, not the official Seal of the Governor. He used the event to tout an endorsement (not a policy) by parading Reverend Jackson in the State House to promote ties to the education-industrial complex.

Christie is within his rights to use Reverend Jackson for his re-election. He has no right to do this in the State House or on any state property.

I guess the guy who uses a State Police helicopter to attend his kid’s baseball game has no problem using more of my money for his own self-promotion. But I’d love to see someone file an ethics complaint.

Interestingly, after the three-minute segment on Christie’s self-promotion, NJTV’s Michael Aron gave Senator Buono “equal time” with a five-second gratuitous remark at 7:52 in the newscast.

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  1. pyounghouse

    Someone should investigate who paid for his lapband surgery.

  2. carolh

    just didn’t want to appear on the ballot with Steve Lonegan. I can picture Christie meeting with the Koch brothers and saying – Booker-  he’s the one you want. The way Booker has been extremely quiet on the fracking issue and cozy with Wall Street, leads me to believe that Christie wants Booker to win and did not want to help Lonegan get to DC on his coattails.  Even though the Koch Brothers AFP supported Lonegan – Christie knows Lonegan is looked at as a fringe figure here and Booker puts on a good appearance.  The  Koch Brothers may just be looking for a makeover and Mayor Twitter may just help them get one and if he is Pro-Fracking into the bargain – so much the better for Christie and The Koch Brothers.  


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