Will Democrats enforce the State Party Constitution?

As Joe DiVincenzo and Armando Fontoura campaign with Christie in Newark today, it’s time to wonder if the State Democratic Party will enforce the provisions of its own Constitution.


No Democratic Party Officer or candidate for party or public office, whether national, state, county or municipal, shall publicly support, endorse or assist any duly nominated candidate of another political party who is in opposition to any dulynominated Democratic Candidate while that person holds the position bestowed by the Democratic Party. In the event any such Democratic Party person shall automatically be removed from the position held within the Democratic Party. In the event such person has been placed on the ballot as the nominee for a public elective office, all Democratic support and sponsorship shall be withdrawn immediately.


That’s right.  There is such a requirement in the constitution.  Will John Currie and the state committee actually abide by this governing law and enforce it against the like of DiVincenzo and Stack?  Perhaps it’s time somebody asked them.

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  1. firstamend07

    I just asked them.

    They said they are mainly concerned with saving the Legislature and cannot be bothered with such nonsense.

    After this novemebr train wreck of a governors election all will be forgotten as long as the Assembly and Senate remain in the hands of the Democratic Party.


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