Will Chris Christie even debate Barbara Buono?

Chris Christie is double-digits ahead of Barbara Buono in the election coming 111 days from now (as opposed to the one 91 days from now, and the one in 27 days).

And today, ELEC released its choice of debate sponsors and locations. But Christie’s spokesperson Kevin Roberts won’t even commit to his boss showing up. Seems he hasn’t decided he’s taking public funds. And if he doesn’t, he can’t be compelled to debate. Even so, Roberts says:

“We look forward to continuing a vigorous level of public debate on the issues in this campaign.”


How disingenuous for the Christie campaign to spout about any “vigorous level of public debate”. Because that seems only to mean to them that they pump the funds from his millionaire corporate buddies to pound Buono into the ground with big TV ad buys calling her Corzine. Like that’s a thing. Plus the public funds he already appropriates under the guise of “town halls” to propagandize surrounded with adoring clappers given advance notice to show up while most of us are working. And thoseStronger than the Storm blurbs with him and his kids. That you’re paying for. And the warm, squishy “charity” where he accepts the largesse of generous New Jerseyans and others. Without even a plan made public to spend that money on the people who need it – though he sure seems to have time for photo-ops collecting it from the likes of Jon Bon Jovi and the United Arab Emirates. And btw, yeah, we’re still wondering.

I guess that’s what passes for “debate” from Governor Christopher James Christie. And debates – real, grown-ass debates in all parts of New Jersey, where he doesn’t control the audience with his self-flattering intro videos, firm control of the microphone, insults to voters who dare to disagree with him, and, you know, rules of proper debate – should be the least we should expect from Christie.  

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