Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for July 20-21, 2013

Has Chris Christie jumped the shark?

  • Christie’s cameo on ‘The Michael J. Fox Show’ – too much for NJ voters? “If you basically become a caricature of a celebrity, you’ve pushed the limit.”

    Steve Sweeney – “the Democrat who made the Chris Christie phenomenon possible”

  • But now, “Sweeney and Christie are being pulled apart now by opposing political forces. Christie needs to move right to run for president, and Sweeney needs to move left to run for governor in 2017, his most likely next move.” (Tom Moran)

    Peaceful Camden march reflects pain over Trayvon Martin

  • “At the end of the day, we’re losing our children.”

  • Photos of NJ rallies.

  • Justice for Trayvon rallies in 100 cities.

    Can the police really take pictures of your license plates and store them for years in a database?

  • A report from ACLU-NJ on the potential Fourth Amendment ramifications.

    Senate race

  • Last in the pack, Sheila Oliver runs curious campaign for U.S. Senate.

  • Liberals’ attacks on Booker rising.

  • Senate hopefuls lean to the left of Obama. (Herb Jackson)

  • Lautenberg’s widow to join Pallone in Bergen this week.

  • Booker doing well in mail-in ballots.

    5th District challenger Roy Cho already ahead of past Garrett opponents

  • With the election more than a year away, Cho has already raised more than $80k.

    Chris Christie Democrats fear few reprisals from party for endorsements

  • Lovely.


  • Fewer than 1 in 3 Sandy victims will get grants from NJ to rebuilt or elevate.

  • NJ sees hirings rise in local government, schools.

  • NJ BPU rejects offshore wind project.

  • Spike in gas prices.

    The Auditor

  • Lesniak says Democrats should play hardball like Christie does on the Supreme Court, and reject a potential Helen Hoens re-nomination. And more from the Auditor.

    Instagram like Christie?

  • Facebook (which owns Instagram) is hiring a political outreach manager to get more pols on Instagram like Christie (do they know he has people doing that?).

    NJ grants charters to 2 more Camden schools

  • Now, about 23% of Camden students will be in charters.

    Gov race

  • Voters don’t care if Christie is out of step on social issues. (Bob Ingle)

  • Christie to raise campaign cash in Pittsburgh & SF.

    Outside spending in N.J. races sparks worry

  • ELEC report shows more than 1000% spike in independent spending: #1 is Americans for Prosperity (Koch Industries), which by itself accounted for 27% of all such spending in 2011. #2 is Better Education for Kids, Inc. (B4K, the charter school pushers) and NJEA (the union repping most NJ teachers).

    Why I’m a Rutgers Trustee

  • Trustee Marisa A. Dietrich’s sharp rebuke to Steve Sweeney’s “absurd” and “silly” remarks.
  • Comments (17)

    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      for vaulting Christie into the presidential discussion.  If he wins in 2016, the Christiecrats will be primarily responsible.

    2. firstamend07

      Sweeney was working to save the pension fund and shore up the government sector health plan before Chrisite was even running for Governor.

      He prevailed and those funds are better off today then 7 years ago.But it was Chrisite who took the credit.

      But starting in January 2014,when Christie starts his second term and begins to move his national right wing agenda, the battles will become epic.

      Sweeney WILL remain Senate president and he WILL make sure this State does not become Wisc.( or Texas!).

      The year 2014 will be like no other in State politics.

      …the good news? In March of 2015,Chrisite will be gone.

    3. 12mileseastofTrenton

      that elected officials who endorse Republicans suffer certain consequences.  As notedin the HPost article.  The problem is that the New Jersey state Democratic party is no longer a political party, but a social club.  If it were a party, you’d see the constitution enforced.

    4. carolh

      Which is why it is imperative that our senate candidates really come forward on the issue of fracking waste, gas pipelines, compressor stations, and LNG port facilities planned for off our coastline. ….. only Holt has put a statement on his website about this.  Buono should make this an issue too.


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