We are Fracked

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In light of the recent confirmation that hydraulic fracturing causes earthquakes (as well as water pollution), and with Blue Jersey commentator carolh’s quest to ferret out Cory Booker’s position on the issue, I decided to see where all of the Democratic candidates stand on this issue.

From Rush Holt’s web site:

We must also safeguard lands in New Jersey and elsewhere from the headlong rush into fracking – the injection of massive quantities of water, sand, and toxic chemicals into the ground to extract natural gas.  The corporate embrace of fracking has surpassed our understanding of its consequences.  We must use caution until our scientific understanding catches up with the drilling companies’ enthusiasm.

From Frank Pallone’s web site:

         Nothing on fracking

From Cory Booker’s web site:

         Nothing on fracking

From Sheila Oliver’s web site:

The site required my e-mail address in order to access it, which I refuse to give them. But the fact that Oliver has not posted a bill to override the Governor’s veto on fracking limitations is worrysome.

Of course, I didn’t even bother to check Steve Lonegan’s position on this. I know that his Koch Brothers string-pullers espouse “frack baby, frack”

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  1. carolh

    is that I wrote the following diary 3 years ago  when I saw the first Gasland.  And things have gotten worse. It has been three years and Chris Christie has only put our state in more danger than before. Imbecile. I don’t care if some people think Christie can’t lose this election. We have to try our damndest to help Barbara Buono win.  He is allowing gas pipelines to criss cross our state and smelly toxic compressor stations everywhere. Sandy made him hero and I fear he has helped ensure there will be more just like her…..


  2. TrentonMakes

    Yes, we are being royally fracked, and I thank El-Hepta for ferreting out what the Democratic candidates for US Senate have to say about it.  

    I wonder whether what he has already spotted on fracking is already becoming a pattern–Rush Holt lays out a thoughtful and substantive position, while the other candidates have nothing substantive to say. (In this case, nothing at all–maybe on other things they can serve up some pabulum.)

    Will the minuscule August 13 electorate know or care?  


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