Team Buono in Willingboro

When Barbara Buono first announced that she was running for governor, I gave her some unsolicited advice. I told her that the key to winning Burlington County was to get out the vote in Willingboro. That township voted 92% for Barack Obama in 2012, so there are a lot of Democratic votes ripe for picking.

I’d like to think that she took my advice, but I’m sure her political experts would have come to the same conclusion.

Buono formally announced her candidacy in Willingboro (as well as in another venue in North Jersey), and on the day after she named her Lieutenant Governor, Milly Silva joined the Senator at a rally in Willingboro, held today. Altogether, Team Buono has been in the township four or five times by my count.

(Cory Booker, another astute politician, has also held numerous rallies in the town).

Willingboro may not be the county seat (Mount Holly is), but the local county newspaper is published in Willingboro, the Democratic County Committee holds most of its meetings in the town, and the Willingboro Democrats are one of the most active and enthusiastic groups in the county.

So Team Buono was there today to tour the Senior Center and rally the voters. Here are comments from Buono and Silva, along with the press conference.

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  1. Joebluejersey11

    over and over  and over again….

    Its like 100 days togo,,,, Milli Vanilli better start whipping out some Bronx on Chrisitie rear-end. ASAP.

    1) Chrsiitie gave Michelle a loan and failed to report it.

    2) Chrisite & Michelle stay at hotels on taxpayers dime.

    3) Chrisite gives Michelle highest paying job in State of NJ, more than the Governors salary…..

    As Milli Vanilli said “Girl, you knows its true”……

    Start kicking ass and taking names, bring down Chrisite, by demanding answers about Michelle Brown from Chrisite…

    go Milli,,,, go get ’emmmm,,  


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