Rush Holt web video: “Climate Change”

Unless we act, physics tells us what will happen next …

Rush Holt is out with another web ad. This is the long form version (here’s the shortie). Holt outlines what’s happening to the earth, with numbers, what the consequences are if we do nothing – “that’s science, and that’s reality” – and what we can do about it, because “we’d better get to work”.

Climate change, says Holt, is the #1 reason we need a scientist in the Senate. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

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  1. TrentonMakes

    Rush Holt has taken another forward-leaning position–this one on the politically dicey terrain of a carbon tax (instead of “cap-and-trade”)

    Interestingly, the videogram was prophetic in saying “We can no longer allow Republicans to deny obvious truths,” because the standard-bearer for Governor Christie’s party in this race (and Koch brothers’ agent) immediately rushed to deny climate science and denounce Holt for climate “hysteria.” Pavlov’s dog indeed.

    Might the Jersey race become a defining battleground for an issue of global urgency?


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