Rush Holt Speaks with Blue Jersey

On Friday, the Holt campaign office in West Windsor was teeming with activity. Blue Jersey visited for an exclusive extended interview with the Congressman who is running against three other Democrats in a primary election next month for Frank Lautenberg’s Senate seat.

We talked about why he’s running, his accomplishments in the House chamber dominated by do-nothing Republicans, and why he feels he’s the best candidate to assume the Lautenberg legacy.

On the issues, among the things we discussed are climate change, health care, energy, today’s surveillance state, public education, foreign policy, and immigration.

Blue Jersey will be happy to conduct similar interviews with the other senatorial candidates. Contact us.

Comments (2)

  1. carolh

    I really appreciated the way he eloquently explained what is so chilling about the NSA spying story.  He explained so well what I have had trouble expressing about my uneasiness with giving up liberty for security. I was leaning toward Holt, but this really sealed my vote.

  2. zi985

    This video only reaffirms Rep. Holt’s intelligence and thoughtfulness on every issue facing Congress, NJ, the nation, and the world.  He would indeed, be one of the most, if not the most, intelligent U.S. Senators in an era that often shuns deep thoughtfulness and wisdom.  We need Rush!


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