Rush Holt – “Orbit”

If you’ve got a campaign with a lifespan of weeks and not years or months, you can either overwhelm your opponents with campaign spending, or you can try to come up on the outside and use who you are and how supporters feel about you to attract attention.

And Rush Holt is making smart use of video and earned media in his uphill campaign for the U.S. Senate special election primary in (gulp) 41 days. His first was an introductory one – Who is Rush Holt? – took a risk mentioning Booker by name, but it was done with a light touch that had the effect of diminishing Booker without expressly doing so. And it also packed wit and substance on issues into its 2-minute frame.

So, here’s the next one – “Orbit”. Very different, less from Holt and more about him, from other people. One thing Holt has, that other candidates would have a hard time matching, is the strong feelings about him his supporters have. It’s not blind loyalty; it’s about appreciation for his solid progressive record, his personal decency, and the intelligence he brings to Congress, particularly since Congress has so many nitwits.

This is is called “Orbit”. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

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  1. Hopeful

    I wonder though if the cute orbits are so great. I wore an “Eat-Sleep-Physics” tee shirt the other day. The physics symbol was the atom, which prompted my wife to unhappily ask “why you wearing a pro-nuke tee shirt?”  

  2. TL Maxwell

    Initial reaction: Creepy. Everybody stood still as their little electrons circled them, as if they were afraid to touch them.

    Need a new concept, quick!

    No matter, Rush is the best candidate, far better than the Bookertomitron.


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