News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wildwood doesn’t want to look at your saggy-assed pants. It’s the law.


  • Chris Christie talks himself into a corner on marriage.

    Senate race

  • Q-poll has Booker at 52%, Pallone 10%, Holt 8%, Oliver 3%. 26% undecided.

  • See what Frank Lautenberg’s family said about Frank Pallone, in endorsing him.

  • Pallone wants WWOR’s license revoked.

  • Blue Jersey’s one-on-one chat with Rush Holt.

  • Lautenberg family endorses Pallone.

  • Atlantic Wire: Lautenberg’s Family Dismisses Cory Booker as a ‘Showhorse’.

  • The Ghost of Frank Lautenberg Wants to Have a Word With You.

    Rob Tornoe cartoon: Chris Christie: Stronger since the stormChris Christie: Stronger since the storm

  • Cartoonist/commentary from Rob Tornoe: When it comes to Christie, Dems in NJ are like an abused spouse who sticks around because once, in the distant past, their partner was nice to them and once bought them flowers. Kool-Aid drinkers, remember that stuff was laced with poison.

    Gov race

  • DGA so far a bit player in gov’s race.

  • The top issues both candidates are avoiding.

  • Bishop Reginald Jackson, big voucher fan, endorses Christie.


  • Senate Majority Leader Weinberg reminds Stack who’s out of touch & clueless.


  • Sen. Stephen Sweeney can help stop N.J.’s waiver rule: Opinion.


  • Christie’s claims about reducing ‘one-shots’ are overstated.

  • Bon Jovi gives $1M to Mary Pat Christie’s Sandy relief “charity”.

  • Furloughs begin at Joint Base.

    Public safety

  • Trenton is a mess.

  • NJ Supremes tell Shore residents everybody’s safety ranks over their view. No windfalls.

  • Jersey City Mayor Fulop reworking police force.


  • Appeals court upholds state control of Newark schools, which the school board and community activists wanted back, saying the poor grad rates and low achievement scores the state cites as its argument for control are their own indictment.
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    1. firstamend07

      This is a MUST read:

      The failure of the Buono campaign to stay on message regarding property taxes tells me that both her and her campaign managers are not that “swift” .

      I agree 100% with this article. Buono should not be worried about anything but the economic message.

      I was concerned at the start that she was more intent to run a crusade instead of a campaign. Well her crusade is headed to an epic failure unless she changes course very soon.

      Voters care about one thing. MONEY. Why Buono cannot see that is beyond me.  


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