News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, July 8, 2013

Trenton Thunder’s beloved bat dog retires. A tribute video. Because, Monday.

Codey blasts NJ Democratic Party on 101.5

  • “Let’s be candid about our party. Today our party is in a stranglehold of political power bosses who are not members of the legislature and in most cases, not even party officials or elected officials and that’s the bigger problem. The Democrat Party, it’s shallow and it’s hollow and it has no core. It has no core values. It’s lost its heart. It’s lost its way and this party has to be rebuilt.

    U.S. Senate Race

  • Steve Lonegan & Alieta (“Who?”) Eck: Staking out ground to the right of Christie.

  • Booker announcing his plan to help eradicate childhood poverty.

  • Christie & Booker – allies in their quest for higher office.

  • Booker’s friendship with Christie could hurt Senate race.

    Why you should care that a young, gay lawyer is now on track to be the NJ State Bar Association’s first gay President

  • Because the state bar put a lot of roadblocks in his way, and he won anyway.

    Gov race

  • Raids on dedicated funds climb under Christie.

  • Gov. Christie already raised $2.2M for fall campaign.

    Trenton: 120 people shot in 6 months

  • Trenton gun violence ’empowered’ by mass police layoffs.

    Sen. Menendez Calls For Sanctions Against Countries Offering Asylum to Snowden

  • Menendez is Chair of the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee.

    Economic incentives bill is heavy on perks for South Jersey

  • Bill to overhaul how the state lures businesses has been loaded with last-minute sweeteners for South Jersey and pushed by Senate President Steve Sweeney.


  • Report: Tax assessments down $4.3B in Sandy’s wake.

  • Businesses located near universities = “innovation zones”.

  • NJ Supreme Court to rule on beach dune dispute.

  • New Jersey – about to become one vast economic development zone?

  • Jon Bon Jovi, with both Christies, making Sandy announcement 11am at Sayreville Borough Hall for her ‘charity’.

    Steve Sweeney makes his case for South Jersey’s higher ed rise

  • “Our region is home to about 2.5 million people, making it greater in population than 15 states. Many of those states have more than one research institution, and it is essential that South Jersey does as well.”

    Marriage equality in NJ would gratify this woman

  • She and her love of 15 years were part of the Lewis v. Harris case. Her partner has since died. Is she a widow?
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      The party in this state is in shambles because of corrupt bosses and Christiecrats.  The only thing that’s saved it is thel legislative redistricting win.  

    2. ken bank

      Steve Sweeney couldn’t be more correct in assessing the need for a comprehensive research university for South Jersey. I’ve been saying it for years. And his point about states smaller than NJ having more than one university is well taken. I should know. I’m proud to say I graduated from the University of Southern Maine, formerly the University of Maine at Portland, in a state that is only one-tenth the size of New Jersey in population. Like Rutgers-Camden, UMP was a regional campus of the University of Maine with its own administration and academic programs. In order to better serve southern Maine, with a population one-fifth that of South Jersey, UMP merged with two other colleges in the area to form a separate university. Although I can no longer call myself a graduate of the University of Maine and piggyback on the reputation of its primary campus near Bangor, I really don’t mind because I know that residents of the Portland/Southern Maine region now have a viable alternative of attending a comprehensive research university which they did not have before. And as a parent, and a Rutgers alumnus with two kids in high school, I am hoping they will go to Rutgers but if they are not accepted it would be nice to know they have another option closer to home. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen because, unfortunately, they hate Sweeney and Norcross more than they care about educational opportunities for people in South Jersey. I’m really convinced that if Sweeney and Norcross said they were for God, mom and apple pie, some people would burn their bibles, boycott apples and kill their mothers.

    3. D36Dem

      … is a bitter old loser.

      No guts, no glory, huh, Dick?

      I’m shocked he was able to put two sentences together for his book.


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