News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, July 22, 2013

Christie may be forced to quit as governor

  • Kornacki: If he runs for president, obscure rules could doom the governor’s fundraising, unless he leaves office. Here’s why.

    Here’s the real Stronger than the Storm

  • The real #STTS isn’t the Christie family self-promoting on the taxpayer’s dime in a TV ad. It’s this: Harriet Bernstein and Luisa Paster, who had to fight in court to have their civil union in Ocean Grove, joins the Methodist group that owns the beach and fought them, to raise money to rebuild the Sandy-splintered boardwalk.

    In rush to restore the Shore, is NJ failing to plan for next superstorm?

  • Here we go, right back into overdevelopment.

    West Milford Twp. adopts bipartisan resolution against Christie’s Senate special election timetable

  • They don’t like the cost, or the voter suppression. And they want the Senate vote in November.

    Senate race

  • Pallone runs for U.S. Senate with House seat secure.

  • GOP’s Lonegan bashes the ‘welfare state’.

    Gov race

  • Stile: GOP veteran Hazel Gluck wants to pitch same sex marriage to Christie.

    New Jersey’s cities

  • Strict fiscal oversight keeps NJ cities out of bankruptcy (but that doesn’t mean they’re not in trouble.
  • Cami Anderson has a vote of no confidence from both Newark City Council & school advisory board, but Chris Cerf thinks she’s doing a peachy job. And it’s bonus time.
  • Trenton team takes on tough tasks and difficult social problems including crime and lack of info, for the health of urban residents.

    Furor over change to state anti-bullying rules

  • Christie administration trying to gut the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights.


  • Is Revel trying to bullshit its slot players?
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