New Pallone web ad: “Chevy”

“New Jersey needs a Senator who drives a Chevy. Let the other guys take the limo.”

                   – Frank Pallone, from the ad

We now have the new Frank Pallone web ad, “Chevy,” further highlighting his history as a ‘regular guy’, and his life a typical Jersey story, the son of a cop who needed student loans to get through college. And a record of achievement in Congress, including ACA, his environmental record, and fighting the Tea Party to protect Social Security and Medicare.

What do you think, Blue Jersey?

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  1. zi985

    Well, I believe Rep.Rush Holt actually drives a hybrid so I don’t think Pallone is referring to him when he says “Let the other guys take a limo.” Also, this ad is overly simplistic, unlike the web ads that Rep. Holt has been putting out which are insightful and specific on the issues and the public policy solutions to fix them.


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