“Moderate” Leonard Lance Becomes Tea Party Conspiracy Nut

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One of the worst and most dangerous tropes of the Tea Party era is that President Barack Obama is going to use the federal government to seize all the guns in private hands and militarize the country.  It’s patently untrue, has been demonstrated untrue, and only the most fevered on the right believe it.  

Well, that used to be the case.  Now the most fevered on the right include people like “moderate” Congressman Leonard Lance.

In March, Republican Rep. Leonard Lance stood before a tea party group in Morris County and told its members they deserved answers.

Responding to a question from the audience, he agreed the Department of Homeland Security should explain why it reportedly planned to purchase up to 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition (some reports instead put the figure at 1.1 billion) – including millions of hollow-point bullets.

However, as far back as last November Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) released data from the Department of Homeland Security (that link is from Coburn’s  website) showing that ammunition purchases have gone down in each of the past three years.  

Further, the ammo purchased is for the entire federal government for five years and is only the upper amount that could be purchased.  However, private purchases of ammunition have gone up, according to tax receipts on ammo sales, and that has resulted in shortages.

So, there is evidence easily accessible to “moderate” Congressman Lance that 1) the US government has been reducing purchases; and 2) private ammo purchases and stockpiling is resulting in shortages.  But still he decides to play to the Tea Party crowd and buy into a conspiracy.

“Anyone who questions the effectiveness of tea party groups across the nation, I think this is one of the premier examples of how you are trying to make America a better place,” Lance, whose 7th district includes part of Morris County, told those gathered for a Morristown Tea Party Org. meeting in Whippany.

Apparently is you send a sane Republican state Senator to DC you get a crazed Tea Party zealot back.

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