ICYMI: Jimmy Margulies cartoon on Christie’s 2013-2016 fork in the road

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

                                       – Yogi Berra, Montclair, NJ

So far, Chris Christie can’t seem to make up his mind which way – hello, which fork – he commits to. There’s his absence from NJ, jetting around the country at the behest of check-writing Republicans, to say nothing of the arrogance of going under general anesthesia (and out of state) without turning power over to the LG. But even when Christie’s here, is he governing in NJ’s best interest? Or just playing to the Iowa cornfields? Dumbing down on climate change, pulling us out of RGGI, shutting women’s healthcare funding out of the budget (again), getting himself stuck on marriage equality. The list goes on.

Funny how Margulies and Buono made essentially the same point today (Margulies added Christie’s questionable behavior behind the wheel, and how the law & order man behaves when caught). Which fork, Governor?

Jimmy Margulies cartoon 7/7/13

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