Frank Pallone on Up with Steve Kornacki

Frank Pallone was a guest this morning on UP with host Steve Kornacki, who started as a Jersey political reporter. Two videos:

Below: A convo about the spike in superPAC campaign spending, and discussion about how he’s funding his campaign.

Below the fold: Kornacki interviews Pallone on the delay of the employer mandate of the ACA, which the former Chair and now ranking member of the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy & Commerce Committee was a key player in drafting and defending.

Continuing UP’s Jersey-centric weekend, Sunday morning 8am Barbara Buono will be Kornacki’s guest.

Short unscrubbable ad before videos. Just deal with it.

UP with Steve Kornacki, Obamacare segment.

Frank Pallone, with host Kornacki, and panelists Sahil Kapur of TPM, Dem strategist Ann Lewis, and Perry Bacon, Jr. of

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