4th Weekly Poll: US Senate Primary Edition

OK, last week’s poll kinda got lost in the mix of the Supreme Court DOMA and Prop 8 issues, but you’ve got another chance to vote today and bring these numbers back up!

In a stunning upset, Sheila Oliver beat Cory Booker last week (which really points to the non-scientific nature of this effort), two votes to one.  From a percentage perspective Rush Holt and Frank Pallone stayed pretty much the same.  

So, get to voting and put any changes or comments in the field below!

Week 1 (June 12) results:

   Rush Holt, 29 votes, 71%

   Frank Pallone, 7 votes, 17%

   Cory Booker, 4 votes, 10%

   Sheila Oliver, 1 vote, 2%

Week 2 (June 19) results:

   Rush Holt, 23 votes, 70%

   Frank Pallone, 5 votes, 15%

   Cory Booker, 5 votes, 15%

   Sheila Oliver, 0 vote, 0%

Week 3 (June 26) results

   Rush Holt, 12 votes, 67%

   Frank Pallone, 3 votes, 17%

   Sheila Oliver, 2 votes, 10%

   Cory Booker, 1 votes, 6%

Hit ‘Discuss’ below to access the poll & vote.  

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