Who is Rush Holt?

Polling tells us anybody running for U.S. Senate from New Jersey not named Cory Booker is at a distinct name-recognition disadvantage. Fairleigh Dickenson/Public Mind pegs it like this: Booker 78%, Pallone 49%, Holt 42%, Oliver 20%. And let’s face it, by current timetable the primary is in 55 days; a very short time to overcome Booker’s media exposure.

So, Cory will win, right? Maybe. Remember, turnout will be low. It’s frickin’ August. Our governor, more concerned with rigging this to maximize his own landslide than respecting taxpayers or shielding the citizenry from voter suppression, has gamed that skillfully. What if one of the two House members with nearly-identical voting records breaks out and makes a convincing case to inspire a progressive groundswell? I can see that path to victory. And it’s clearly what Rush Holt is shooting for in this risky intro video. Risky, because of the frank way he discusses the front-runner.

I think this is exciting as hell – forthrightly progressive (as he is), specific on his positions, witty, and tight. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

Disclosure: I used to work for Rush Holt, on the campaign side. He is as smart as you think he is. And as good.

Website: Rush Holt – Teacher * Scientist * Progressive – for U.S. Senate

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  1. evdebs

    It was a choice between Pallone and Holt for me. This may have helped me make my decision.

  2. Bill Orr

    Articulating the progressive issues I suporrt.  

  3. MSUTeenDem

    much as I’m starting to like Rush Holt I still think Booker’s going to win in a landslide (not only in the primary but Special as well).

    If the courts do (though I wouldn’t bet on it) decide to make the Senate Special election and the General election on the same day then I would want Buono running with Booker instead of Holt. Holt may be the most Progressive of the three but Booker is most likely to drive up voter turnout (especially in the cities).  

  4. PNolkan

    As my congressman, I have supported Holt in every election. I feel he is the most progressive of the 4 candidates, albeit Pallone is very similar. As a public school teacher, I am delighted Holt strongly backs the plight of the teacher. Booker’s view on public schools is to advocate for more charter schools and voucher programs.

    Before going to the polls on August 13, as now scheduled, I would hope all progressives take a serious and candid look at Rush Holt; compare his progressive ideology to that of Booker’s and decide who best represents our ideas.  

  5. alto2

    As a proud Holt constituent, I can tell you that those of us lucky enough to live in NJ12 don’t just like our representative rocket scientist–we LOVE him, and are damn proud to call him ours. And folks who are just barely outside 12 are jealous that he’s not their representative. (Heck, friends who’ve moved away talk about how their new reps can’t stack up to his standard.) And none of this is without reason–Holt is the real deal, keeping his integrity when it’s insanely unpopular, like when he spoke out against the Iraq War after 9/11.

    I personally think Booker is all style and not much substance. If we elect Senator Twitter, we’ll get what we deserve. I’d rather have someone who’s got the guts, and the brains–and the conscience–to speak truth to power. And Holt has proven himself on that score time and again.


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