Weekend Poll: Sen. Buono’s L.G. Selection

Shortly after next week’s primaries, Sen. Barbara Buono will announce her Lieutenant Governor running mate.

So far there has been a lot of speculation, but no one even near being a front runner. This year all 120 State  legislative seats are up for grabs, and no one running for the Legislature can simultaneously run for L. G. In today’s Star-Ledger, Jarrett Renshaw speculates on the kind of choices available.

Whom would you like Sen. Buono to select?

Below the fold are some possible candidates, but feel free to add another candidate and let us know why you like the person for the job.

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  1. vmars

    see Buono pick a woman as her LG, if for no other reason than she’s a long enough shot now and being the first all female ticket isn’t going to change that.

    I’m surprised there is only one South Jersey Dem on this list.  If Buono has any chance she needs someone from the South who might get the nod in four years if they lose.  That was the power brokers down there won’t want to see that person crushed along with Buono, and actually might lift a finger or two to help.  Or maybe at least stop getting in the way.

    Anyone have suggestions of South Jersey Dems who are not in the legislature?  Maybe a Freeholder, Mayor or Sheriff?  

  2. Carl Bergmanson

    and it wouldn’t be her anyway – Ron Rice seems the obvious choice, but Smith or Springer would be better choices.

  3. deciminyan

    Do you agree with the current law that does not allow a person to run simultaneously for LG and the legislature? Of course, if that person won, he/she would have to give up his/her legislative seat. But does the current law preclude the future Governor-elect from selecting the best running mate?

  4. 12mileseastofTrenton
  5. Joebluejersey11

    Whilst Sen. Weinberg is the best, best choice hands down and it appears that she has rejected being LG, and also Sen. Buono hasnt really indicated she wants Sen. Weinberg.. Ron Rice Jr. is not the best choice. Does having a dynstany be the best choice for NJ’s first Democratic LG? Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Stilleto is probably the best pick, as it is the largest County and is clearly the must win County and there is a lot of interest to get back at Chrisite for his selective prosecutions which turned out to be pure B.S……. If the BCDO Chairman doesnt want to job, then Bergen County Clerk Hogan is the choice, as Bergen’s Mike Judge Dressler is doing County Executive. The Senate Majority Leader will probably work behind the scenes to get this done.. the State of Norcross will also support this, so Buono wont divide the Dems with a Bergen choice…….now of course Progressives wont support any of this, and would rather have Buono lose then any taint of the 1990’s Ferrerio.


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