Thursday Afternoon Quick Look at #NN13 from a New Jersey Perspective

I haven’t run across too many folks from the Garden State here, but I was surprised how little national interest there is in our election as opposed to the only other gubernatorial election this year – in Virginia. Apparently, as Cliff Schecter had pointed out earlier, the fact that Christie is not perceived as a radical extremist has given him a pass on critical news coverage (as opposed to celebrity news coverage).

Similarly, we have the only Senate race this year, but it’s a yawner among the non-Jerseyans here.  Yet, I was pleasantly surprised that more people knew about and support Rush Holt than I expected. Perhaps his celebrity Jeopardy feats have helped with his national popularity. And many are unaware of Cory Booker’s ties to the education-industrial complex.

There’s lots of discussion on President Obama’s “worse than Bush” spying on Americans. Not a New Jersey issue, but well-documented in the blogosphere.

Senator Jeff Merkley is tonight’s keynote speaker. I’ll report on that later if jet lag doesn’t get to me first.

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