Support Mark McCullough for Assembly at the DCBC

Mark McCullough is running to obtain the DCBC line for Connie Wagner’s assembly seat tonight. I strongly support Mark in this endeavor and ask that the rest of the Bergen County Blue Jersey contingent will as well.

Mark is a true progressive who will fight for Democratic ideals if elected to the state Assembly. He believes that the key to NJ’s recovery lies in reinvesting in infrastructure and education. Instead of cutting staff, Mark believes our government should be attempting to broaden the tax base by making New Jersey more attractive to businesses looking for a new home. By strengthening our state’s infrastructure we will be able to increase the salaries of essential members of the workforce: teachers, law enforcement, healthcare workers, and union employees. Decent salaries will ensure a big jump in tax revenues, a strong middle class, and stable property values.

Mark is also adamant about stopping the downward spiral our governor has put the state’s education system into. He believes that significant investment in our children’s education is the key to making NJ prosperous for the immediate and long-term future. Businesses will be attracted to a strong, educated work force and by the promise of superior education for their employees’ children.

In addition to his commitment to progressive values, Mark has proven to be a fighter time and again. For instance, Mark won a seat on the Glen Rock town council several years ago. For those of you who don’t know, Glen Rock is an overwhelmingly conservative town.

I will be supporting Mark tonight for assembly, and I hope everyone else who will be there tonight will join me. Casting a vote for Mark is casting a vote to repair New Jersey.

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