Stand with Senator Buono in her fight against the party bosses

The future of our Democratic Party is at stake. What is happening to Senator Barbara Buono, our Democratic Party nominee is disgraceful. Phil Alagia (Christie ally Joe DiVencenzo’s Chief of Staff) is organizing a challenge to Senator Buono’s choice for State Chair, Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell and her choice for vice-chair Lizette Delgado.

We must stand with Senator Buono in her fight to return the Democratic Party BACK to Democrats.

The Machine is backing politically connected lawyer Senator Ray Lesniak. Meet the real Ray Lesniak – See this article below where he brags about working against Democrat Linda Stender in her campaign for congress –…

Please sign our petition at and Please forward this e-mail to 20 of your friends and ask them to visit to stand behind Senator Buono’s choice!

Can we count on you to forward this e-mail to 20 of your friends asking them to sign the petition?

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    He’s always ready to defend the interests of the big economic interests, like telecom companies, against consumers.  And they keep his pockets full of cash.

  2. firstamend07

    How has she been doing so far with her decision making?

    No money.

    Surrounding herself with losers like Cryan.

    More people know BONO then Buono.

    Now being relegated behind Booker,Pallone,and Holt for attention and money.

    I would think she would jump with joy at the help a real Pro like Lesniak can give her. But when approached she treats him like sh*t.

    Buono represents one wing of the Democratic Party. The mainstream moderates would gladly support her if she worked with them.

    She is going no where with the likes of O’Donnel. A smart politician can see it is time for a change.  


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