QoTD: Star-Ledger Gets It Right

Screen shot 2013-06-13 NJ.com headline

Today’s Quote of the Day comes in two parts; the headline above, and the quote from the tail end of the highly-suggested piece by the Ledger’s Editorial Board, which nails it 100%:

The point is that guys like DiVincenzo and Stack don’t give a damn about grand causes. They think about state aid, and they think about hedging their bets. If Attila the Hun were favored to win in November, they might endorse him as well.

And if that means a single mom who can’t pay her rent because she works a lousy job for minimum wage must be thrown overboard, then that’s the way it goes.

The polite term for guys like these is “transactional politician.” They are guided by a simple calculation of benefits they provide against benefits they receive.

The impolite term for them is much shorter.

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  1. Jay Lassiter

    …. which is when straight men do gay porn for money.  

  2. southernbluedog

    yes, an elected official needs to do what is right for his or her constituents. But at the end of the day, we have political parties for a reason. Party members, especially those with leadership roles, shouldn’t be actively endorsing candidates from other parties. At the very worst, they should remain neutral and keep their mouths shut.

    I appreciate Sen. Weinberg speaking out against turncoats. It would be nice if Sen. Sweeney said something, too. No matter what you say about Sweeney in the gov’s race, at least he isn’t openly endorsing Christie.

  3. ken bank

    So when Republicans like Christie Whitman endorse Cory Booker over Steve Lonegan will they still be Republicans? With Barbara Buono thirty points behind Christie despite three months of campaigning and millions of dollars spent on advertising, this is like arguing over musical arrangements for the ships band as the Titanic is going down.

    It seems to me it’s not up to the Star-Ledger or Blue Jersey to decide who is a Democrat or not. Rather it is up to the thousands, even tens of thousands, of Democratic voters who keep electing and re-electing the likes of Brian Stack and Joe D. The problem isn’t with BS and Joe D. but all the Democratic voters who support them and vote for them. There is something called a primary. Don’t like BS, JD or Sweeney? Then primary them. Don’t get mad, get even. If you think Sweeney stinks, then support one of the 24 State Senators to challenge his leadership. All they need is thirteen votes, and if you can’t find thirteen progressive State Senators to vote against Sweeney then your problem isn’t Sweeney but the Senators, including Loretta Weinberg, who vote for him. Time to grow up folks!!


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