News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Christie’s October special election timetable

  • October Senate election violates NJ law, critics argue in NJ Supreme Court briefs.

  • Peg Schaffer Files Supreme Court Appeal Regarding Special Election.

    Candidates for U.S. Senate

  • Sheila Oliver makes the case to send a NJ woman to the Senate.

  • Frank Pallone calls for multiple debates.

  • Christie on endorsing Lonegan: ‘I’ve got my own campaign to run’.

    Do U.S. Senate Dems have the votes for the `nuclear option’?

  • The death of Frank Lautenberg shakes up a key formula for Senate Dems.


  • A Fathers concern about Chris Christie and Right’s Assault on Millennials. (Atlas)

  • Christie’s vulnerable on bad bets made in AC investment.

  • Property tax report puts ally NJ League of Municipalities in Christie’s line of fire.

    Poll: N.J. voters overwhelmingly support minimum wage increase, gay marriage

  • Which Gov. Chris Christie does not support.

    November election

  • Poll: Christie’s coattails short in November election.

    Senate & Assembly panels approve bill to move gubernatorial election to October

  • Sen. Shirley Turner: “It’s costing taxpayers too much money to have all these elections and it’s putting too much burden on the staff as well as on voters.” The Senate panel also approved a bill that in the future would eliminate the governor’s ability to call a special election altogether. Instead, the governor would be able to pick a replacement of the same party as the senator that held the seat.


  • Bills revive annual debate over women’s health funding.

  • N.J. lawmakers work to finalize budget as deadline looms.

  • Eyes in the sky: Bill to limit use of drones advanced by Senate panel.

  • Arguing the costs of tuition equality, for NJ high school grads regardless of immigration status.

  • Assembly Budget approves ‘national model’ for gun safety.

  • Bill in response to NYPD surveillance on NJ Muslims clears Senate panel.


  • Kevin Riordan: Chronicling hunger in Camden on camera.

  • Rolling snake-eyes: Visits to Atlantic City down early in 2013.

  • Revised FEMA maps cheered by shore residents, criticized by environmentalists.

  • Appellate Division Stops Christie Administration from Seizing Affordable Housing Trust Funds.

  • U.S. seeks records related to Bergen Community College attempted PR hire.
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