News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, June 20, 2013

Howard Dean kicks off Netroots Nation 2013

  • Deciminyan will be reporting from San Jose, California.


  • Sarlo: “We have a deal in place.” Budget panels in both Assembly & Senate will have it today, with votes expected in both full houses Monday.
  • Will the new fiscal year bring another NJ revenue roller coaster? (Reitmeyer)

    Senate Candidates

  • Rush Holt’s witty, info-packed little intro video.

  • Rush Holt launches website as the un-Booker.

  • Holt’s video contrasts him with Booker.

  • Norcross, Sweeney & Greenwald endorse Booker.

  • ‘Solid South’ Cements Booker as Frontrunner.

  • Bergen Dems endorse Booker.
  • Frank Pallone gets Middlesex Dems’ endorsement.
  • Lonegan drops his fiscal conservatism for cheap political points.

    Jeff Chiesa settles in, with Senate debates looming

  • Coming up for the Republican appointed to Lautenberg’s seat, immigration.

  • Lautenberg’s staff has a lot to do, shutting down office.


  • Sources: caucus hearing Prieto and Schaer as potential successors to Oliver.

    It’s not political except that, you know, it’s Hitler. And it’s not NJ, except that it’s happening here

  • This little Nazi is a regular in family court near my house in Flemington, and now he has another little baby coming into the universe.

    A Love Letter to Chris Christie

  • With an invitation. It’s not what you think.

    Christie calling in reinforcements for NJ election bonanza – and it’s going to cost you

  • The Christie administration told the state Supreme Court this week that he is prepared to hire more state workers and rent more voting machines to avoid last-minute chaos with the 2 elections he’s scheduled 3 weeks apart. If he does, the projected $12 million cost will rise. And then there’s the logistical nightmare of getting machines in place and functioning.
  • Bergen Freeholders: State should pay for special election; vote to seek court order directing the state to reimburse the county for the extra election costs.


  • Megadeals: Does paying tens of millions of dollars to lure new companies here or convince them to stay qualify as a sound economic policy?
  • Your tab for Ocean City’s sand: $40 million.
  • Revel rebranding: AC’s newest casino now acknowledges it is a casino.
  • Christie tries to peel away vets from the outrage against his civil service changes.
  • Hamilton school business administrator has been paid $80K since being placed on leave during Mayor Bencivengo’s trial.
  • Syracuse U. chancellor Nancy Cantor to be named new Rutgers-Newark head.
  • State decides against building all-payer claims database.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Couldn’t get a quorum to select a replacement for Wagner, but had plenty of votes for Booker.  Wonder how many who left supported Booker.

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

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