News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, June 7, 2013

Glad to have you back, soldiers.

Senate bids farewell to Frank Lautenberg

  • The U.S. Senate formally bid goodbye to the late Sen. Lautenberg with a rare ceremony held for the last World War II veteran serving in the chamber. He will be buried this morning at Arlington.


  • Dozens of state Democrats throw support to Lesniak for state chair.

    Dear Chris Christie: You blew it

  • Share this screen capture. It’s the truth.

  • Ingle: Special election call a rare Christie blunder.

  • The Last Word: Christie opposes costly special election-then calls for one.

  • Salon: Christie effectively appoints himself to the Senate: Christie will control Chiesa’s votes.

  • Washington Post (The Fix): Chris Christie 2009 vs. Chris Christie 2013.

  • The Hill: Chris Christie brand is kaput: No 2016 presidential run.

  • Governor Christie has finally been trapped by his own bullshit..

    Christie on Shirley Turner’s proposal to consolidate elections, to avoid 2 just three weeks apart:

  • Christie says her bill will end up “on the ash heap”.

    Christie Decisions Clear a Path for GOP’s Lonegan

  • Lonegan could end up running unopposed in the GOP Senate primary.

  • Stile: Lonegan winds up relevant once again.

    Sheila Oliver seriously considering U.S. Senate race

  • Talking to ‘party folks, some women’s groups’ etc.


  • Beth Mason, a wealthy Democrat activist, weighing U.S. Senate run.

    Buono v. Christie

  • Sources: Buono fighting Dem Primary contenders – for money – as much as Dems’ establishment.

    Worst. reality. show. ever.

  • Trenton Mayor Tony Mack gets January court date for federal corruption charges.

    Families of Disabled Residents Sue to Keep Developmental Centers Open

  • Class-action lawsuit alleges state violated constitutional rights in closing facilities in Woodbridge, Totowa.


  • Singleton bill aims to aid healthcare price transparency via claims database.

  • 2 tenure law sponsors – Jasey & Diegnan – now seeking delay in tougher teacher evaluations.

  • Bad juju: Sweeney’s centerpiece gun bill stalls in Assembly.

    Camden Schools Takeover: Day One, and Counting

  • Teachers at Camden High hope the state recognizes the challenges they’re up against — and their pride in their school.

    Disheartening NJ Primary Trend

  • As a voting populace, we’re headed in the wrong direction.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      and Christiecrats.  And once again, stabs Buono in the back.

      I thought it was only one backstabbing per person.

    2. Bill Orr
    3. kfoster

      “I think the most important thing is to roll this out, and then come back and look and see if it is working.” Emphasis mine.

      In the meantime, jobs are on the line Ms. Ruiz.

    4. firstamend07

      There is too much at stake for a lightweight like O’Donnel to be given so much responsiblity.

      Lesniak is a pro.

      Lesniak will be able to handle a Senate race, a governros race ,and 120 legislative elections.The Democratic Party cannot experiment with O’Donnell.

      Buono,if she is a real leader, will recognize this and support a real statesman and a real Pro.

      if not….. too bad.

      We cannot just sit around and watch New Jersey become Wisc.

      SAVE THE SENATE ! SAVE THE LEGISLATURE! ( ..and maybe,just maybe,help Buono make this close)  


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