New Jersey Opposes October Special Election

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Eagleton came out with a poll saying that the people of New Jersey overwhelmingly oppose Chris Christie’s money-wasting special election:

When told the $24 million cost of holding both a special primary and general election, New Jersey voters strongly oppose N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s call for a Wed., Oct. 16 election. Only 12 percent agree with Christie that the Senate election should be held separately from the Nov. 5th gubernatorial and legislative elections. Instead, more than three-quarters say the elections should have been combined.

Will that hurt Christie’s poll numbers?  Of course not, because someone went to the crossroads for him.  Here’s a different issue, but an illustrative one.

Following Christie’s appointment of Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa to fill the Senate seat temporarily, voters had a change of heart about what they wanted in an interim senator. Ahead of the announcement, 43 percent wanted the seat to be filled by a Democrat, reflecting Lautenberg’s party. Fifty-seven percent also preferred an appointed senator who would also run for the seat in the special election. But following the June 6 announcement, opinion shifted strongly in Christie’s direction, with support for a Senate placeholder doubling from 32 percent to 64 percent, along with an 11-point decrease in support for a Democratic appointment.

“The power of the Governor to set the agenda is clear in these numbers,” said Redlawsk. “In a blue state, it’s not surprising most voters initially wanted a Democrat appointed, but once Christie made the appointment, many voters took their cues from his decision.”

I feel pretty resigned to this, at this point.

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  1. firstamend07

    With all of these elections the voters will be completely turned off by Labor Day.

    That might be very good for those Democrats who are defending State Senate and Assembly seats against GOP newcomers.

    These Republicans are going to have a very tough time getting name recognition and momentum with so much else going on. Also money will be scarce.

    So while Lonegan and Booker gather headlines,and Chrisite tries to run up the score , lower level Republicans will barely even be noticed.

    I can see a complete sweep in LD 1,2,3,14,and38 .

    Chaos works in favor of the incumbents.    


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