Moving the State Forward

Diary rescue from Monday. This is dead-on. Promoted by Rosi

So Union City Mayor and State Senator Brian Stack endorsed Christie.  Here’s what he had to say:

No matter the issue, we know Governor Christie will take on the fights that need to be had to get things done and work with whoever is willing – Republicans, Democrats or Independents – to move our state forward,” said Stack.

So delaying medical marijuana for cancer patients was moving the state forward?

Backing out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative was moving the state forward?

Cutting funding to women’s health programs was moving the state forward?

Pulling out of the ARC tunnel to New York City was moving the state forward?

Presiding over the worst employment growth in the region is moving the state forward?

Giving local schools districts $1 more than last year and calling it an “increase” is moving the state forward?

Screaming at people on the boardwalk, insulting teachers, abusing veterans, insulting anyone who disagrees is moving the state forward?

Leaving NJ Transit trains at low ground before Hurricane Sandy then taking no responsibility for it was moving the state forward?

Holding more than 100 publicly funded “town halls” that are little more than scripted campaign events is moving the state forward?

Shit.  Someone went to the crossroads to make a deal with the Devil to give Christie this kind of power of allegedly smart, accomplished people.  

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    (trying saying that three times fast).

    Does he condone the endorsement?  Will Stack suffer any adverse consequences?  Speak up, Silent Steve.

  2. Momotombo

    Selling off the lottery?

    Raiding transportation funds?

    Ending property tax rebates for many?

    Deferring property tax rebates to balance the budget?

    Propose a tax cut with inflated revenue numbers that does not help the working class?

    Refuse to spend legislatively approved money for SDA school construction?

    Use higher Ed bonds to fund projects at private all male religious schools?

    Moving the state forward? I don’t think so…..


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