Lonegan Drops His Fiscal Conservativism For Cheap Political Points

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Steve Lonegan has made a career off blasting the government for wasting money and being inefficient.  Given his previous positions he should be standing with the Democrats against Chris Christie as the Governor wastes $12 million and creates massive upheaval in local governments and county election offices for no real reason.

But instead Lonegan is giving up his “principles” to stand with his party’s governor, making cheap political points instead of standing up for what he “believes.”

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  1. William Weber (WjcW)

    of when the special election is this year. Does it negate the need for another election in 2014?

  2. ken bank

    Loneganistas will walk on broken glass and crawl through the mud to get to the polls to vote for their Tea Party idol. They will turn out in the same numbers in October as they would in November. OTOH, Democrats and other moderate voters will turn out in larger numbers in November. Assuming turnout is lower in October than November, that favors Lonegan.


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