Is Hillary a Doer or just a Talker?

Hillary has done much talking about promoting women in politics.

But it is time to put up or shut up.

In 2013 there is only one major race in the country that involves a woman.

If Clinton means what she says then she must endorse Buono and come into the State and stand with her.

A Hillary endorsement, in my opinion gets Buono back into this race.

But will she ” buck” her hubby?

It is time for her to take a stand. Talk is cheap!  

Comments (2)

  1. vmars

    to tell other people what they need to do.  What is it you’re doing for Buono?

  2. danpreston

    including President Obama and other national Democrats, along with Hillary, should be on the stump promoting Barbara Buono.

    And yes, vmars, I am suggesting what other folks should do. They’re the leaders of our party. If they’re not leading the charge for Buono, what is their claim to leadership?

    Me, I’m a rank and file Dem and yes I’m doing what I can to help elect Buono.


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