Howard Dean Gets #NN13 off to a Rousing Start

The annual conference of progressive bloggers and advocates held its opening party on Wednesday night. This year’s conference in San Jose is the biggest to date, and Blue Jersey is there.

At the opening party, Governor Howard Dean (right) excited the crowd with his message of grassroots activism and progressive ideals.  I spoke with him about the New Jersey gubernatorial election. He is a big fan of Barbara Buono and told me that she can win if she can get her message out to the voters. Buono will be here on Friday to participate in a candidate’s forum. Participants in the same forum last year included newly-elected Senators Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii.

I’ll be writing dispatches from the conference over the next few days. You can also follow Netroots Nation on Twitter at #NN13.

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