Coalition of Groups Protest Outside Christie’s Women’s Conference

Governor Christie sponsoring a conference on women’s issues is like the Westboro Baptist Church sponsoring a forum on decorum at funerals. Nevertheless, while the mainstream media (other than one Star-Ledger reporter) was inside the Trenton War Memorial protected from the intermittent rain, Blue Jersey was outside talking to an enthusiastic group of protesters – men as well as women – who handed out leaflets describing Christie’s true track record on women’s issues. The video below airs some of the comments from the demonstrators – leaders of advocacy groups as well as ordinary citizens.

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  1. parnell44

    A wonderful first line; it made me laugh and read it to a co-worker.

  2. Hetty Rosenstein

    The fact that women picketed the Gov’r’s conference on women, was lost with the sad announcement of Senator Lautenberg’s death.  The Governor, of course, showed no shame – eulogizing senator lautenberg with back  handed compliments and then upstaging his funeral with his announcement of a special election that costs $24 million and benefits only him.

    Nevertheless – thanks to Blue Jersey for their up to the minute coverage of resistance in New Jersey.  


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