Blue Jersey Weekly Poll: US Senate Primary

UPDATE: We had a little tech glitch in this poll, and it’s possible Speaker Sheila Oliver lost votes during the reset. If you voted for her, and think your vote wasn’t counted, please vote again – Rosi

Each week on Wednesday until the primary on August 16 we’ll put up a poll for the US Senate special election, and report on the changes from week to week.

Of course, it’s not scientific but it’s fun, so be sure to vote every week!

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  1. vmars

    but I think Holt is the most consistently progressive and the most likely to be successful in bringing progressive goals to NJ and the nation.

    Second I’d go for Pallone.  I like Booker a lot, but I worry about his closeness with the finance industry and the educational “reform” movement that is more about privatization than about creating an educated populace.

    I love Shelia Oliver, but — unfortunately — she is not a viable candidate at this time simply because she has no statewide team or fundraising network.

  2. 12mileseastofTrenton

    I like both Holt and Pallone, but Pallone seems to have been a more effective congressman.  And he’ll get the backing of a lot of union and environmental groups.  Plus, he seems to have a better ground game, as well as more money.

    If polls show Holt closer to Booker, I may reconsider.  

  3. zi985

    Rep. Pallone has a great progressive track record in his 24+ years in the House but the progressive community in NJ should support and vote for Rush Holt for Senate on August 13th.  Holt also has a great progressive track record in the House for the past 14+ years and the fact of the matter is that he is a policy wonk on many issues of vital importance to the nation, especially regarding complex scientific/environmental issues.  The fact of the matter is that we need a smart, bold progressive SCIENTIST in the U.S. Senate now more than ever and Rush Holt provides that for the people of New Jersey.  Holt has also been as effective or moreso than Pallone in the House and has shown a willingness to work with his Republican House colleagues to get things done.  For instance, Rep. Holt recently teamed up with NJ Republican Rep. Jon Runyan on an appropriations amendment to make sure that $20 million will go to a suicide prevention program for our returning veterans.  

    Because Holt and Pallone are so similar ideologically, NJ progressives must look at more than just their records, but who will be the most effective, engaging U.S. Senator for New Jersey.  The choice is a fairly clear one: Rush Holt.

  4. tabbycat31

    He’s my former congressman (I got redistricted into Smith’s district) and there’s nothing that he stands for that I disagree with.

    I signed his petition on Friday and he will have my full support.  

  5. Rosi Efthim

    I’ve had my index finger hovered over the choices for 15 minutes. Honestly, I haven’t decided yet. The nightmare scenario has always been, What if I had to choose between Rush Holt and Frank Pallone – ever, for anything, especially this.

    I find much to like, even love, about both Cory Booker and Sheila Oliver, but my choice will likely come down to Pallone or Holt, and campaign viability may be the decider.

  6. brendanod

    Frank Pallone is a close second and I would be more than satisfied having either one of them in the senate.

    Oliver doesn’t impress me.  Her lack of leadership can be partly attributed to the fracture the state dem’s currently suffer from.

    Booker is an empty suit.  Complete fraud.

  7. Steve M

    I will be shocked if Booker doesn’t win easily, though.

  8. southernbluedog

    Has anyone paid attention to some of the endorsements gathered by Booker?

    Most of the endorsements I read say they support Booker because he’s going to win. They don’t go into much detail about how he’s the best candidate for the job.

    It doesn’t take a political scientist to know Booker has the best state-wide name recognition. But just about every endorsement I read sounds like people don’t think he’s the best candidate, but they are smart enough to know they don’t want to be left in the dust when he wins.

    I don’t think Booker would be a bad Senator for NJ. I would support him whole-heartedly if he wins the primary.

    But my preferred candidate at this time is Rush Holt.


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