3rd Weekly Poll: US Senate Primary Edition

So it looks like Blue Jersey is not really changing its mind on our primary candidates.  Our unofficial, unscientific poll has Rush Holt way out in the lead, with Frank Pallone (down 2 votes) and Cory Booker (up one vote) trailing.  Sheila Oliver has little, actually no support in last week’s poll.

In an hour or so the SCOTUS decisions on marriage equality – DOMA and Prop 8 – so get your votes in early before it gets swamped!  We’re adding “other” this week, and as always put your defense in the comments section.

This week we’ll put the names in the poll in reverse order of support.

Week 1 (June 12) results:

  1. Rush Holt, 29 votes, 71%
  2. Frank Pallone, 7 votes, 17%
  3. Cory Booker, 4 votes, 10%
  4. Sheila Oliver, 1 vote, 2%

Week 2 (June 19) results:

  1. Rush Holt, 23 votes, 70%
  2. Frank Pallone, 5 votes, 15%
  3. Cory Booker, 5 votes, 15%
  4. Sheila Oliver, 0 vote, 0%

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Comments (2)

  1. vmars

    Mostly we’re seeing jostling — Rush calling for debates, Pallone calling for no third party money, Cory on the air this week, Shelia … — but nothing really substantive.  

    I still support Rush, but I don’t really see this whole thing changing much because the environment is just not that conducive to it, and the candidates are probably not willing to go as negative as you’d need to if you want to move Cory’s numbers.

    My suggestion to all for August 16 is to VOTE WHO YOU PREFER! It looks like this is Cory’s to lose, but there’s no reason to vote for him if you prefer someone else.  Get Sheila a good percentage to protest that we have no women in DC, or for Rush that we need scientists, or Frank for the shore and the environment.  Don’t stay home or vote for the front runner (unless you prefer him, then vote Cory!) — take a stand!

    This is a rare opportunity to send a message with the amount we move the percentages that we care about progressive issues.  Use it.

  2. zi985

    Also, the Vote-By Mail Ballots will begin to be mailed out this Saturday, June 29th, 45 days before the Aug. 13th primary election so Democratic voters will begin to cast their votes in only a few days!


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