2nd NJ Weekly Poll: US Senate

Last week we had our first unscientific poll of the Democrats running for the US Senate nomination in August, and we’ll be doing the same every Wednesday (yes, I know it’s Thursday.  Sorry about that) until the official election to see how Blue Jersey’s readers and writers change their feelings as the race goes on.

Week 1 results:

  1. Rush Holt, 29 votes, 71%
  2. Frank Pallone, 7 votes, 17%
  3. Cory Booker, 4 votes, 10%
  4. Sheila Oliver, 1 vote, 2%

Sheila Oliver’s votes may have been undercounted due to a glitch.  If you’re a supporter, be sure to vote for her this week!

Last week we did the order alphabetically by last name.  This week we’re going alphabetically by first name to be fair.  Cory Booker goes first both ways, so next week we’ll have to find another.

Vote, and explain your vote and any changes in the comments below!

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Comments (5)

  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    But the sense I get from the polls, and not just this one ;), is that Holt has a bit more “mo” at the moment.  If it keeps up, and he looks to have a better chance, I might move to him.  I’m still hoping against hope that one of these gentlemen will bow out in favor of the other.

  2. carolh

    – he basically called me a liar on Twitter, and his blatant public evasiveness on the fracking issue tells me I need to vote for Rush Holt. Or Booker needs to explain exactly what his position is – rather than fight over whether a conversation actually took place or not.  His heavy handedness in trying to control other folks Tweets suggests that he does not want his position on Fracking known publicly. He appears to be counting on his being a vegetarian to win over the environmentalist crowd. That ain’t enough.

  3. MMF

    Holt IS the true progressive in the race. And he has been a leader on issues of environment, voter verified voting, care for returning soldiers, science and education.

    He would make a great Senator. Imagine having a real scientist in the Senate debating with the bible-thunping R’s.

  4. Pollitics Today


    I look forward to voting for a true progressive.


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