What Is Obama Thinking?

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So President Barack Obama is flying in today to visit the Jersey Shore with Governor Chris Christie.  There will be photo-ops and news stories and probably a hug with one of the participants wearing a fleece.  It’ll be great theater, and give even more bipartisan cover to the Governor as he runs for reelection.

Against NJ state Senator Barbara Buono.

A Democrat. The same party as the President.  Who is going to hug Christie on national TV. A Republican.  The opposite party of the President.

Now, it made sense in the fall after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the area for the President and Governor to show up, work together to make a change.  It’s true that Christie didn’t have to be as effusive as he was, but the President came not only with photo ops but also potentially billions of dollars to help Christie recover.

Billions of dollars Christie will be able to disburse this summer.  Just before his reelection campaign heats up.  Against Buono who, as noted above, is in the same party as the President.

As far as I know, President Obama is not also meeting with Buono, or holding a fundraiser, or encouraging other Democrats to get on board already.  This looks like a tacit endorsement of Christie, and essentially a Presidential Pardon for any Democrat who wants to cross party lines to go against their nominee.

That’s a pretty lousy thing for a sitting President to do.

And it’s not as if he had to come to New Jersey this week.  There is massive devastation in Oklahoma he needs to address, and people who could really use his warmth and comfort.  There’s beaches up in New York State he could have visited.

But instead he pointedly came here to be with the Republican Governor and just as pointedly snubbed his Democratic opponent.

What is Obama thinking?

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  1. firstamend07

    In the eyes of the President and Democratic leaders the election is already over.

    Buono has had six months since her announcement to become a viable candidate and she has failed.

    Obama does not feel he is hurting a Democratic candidate because he and most others do not SEE a realistic opponent to Christie.

    Obama needs some diversions from the IRS, Benghazi,and AP problems.

    What better way to offset partisan attacks then to hug and kiss the most popular GOP Governor in the country.

    Let’s face it after six months very few people are taking Buono seriously. Don’t believe me,follow the money.


  2. rubybegone

    just to vote for their legislature ,Buono was a poor choice ,if she is still to be chosen .And all for the simple fact no Democrat had the guts to stand up to Christie ……

  3. ken bank

    Obama is doing his job, as is Christie. Get over it. This is supposed to be a nonpartisan, nonpolitical visit, as was Obama’s visit last fall, and that is as it should be. Romney lost because of Romney, not because Christie acted like a grownup and said nice things about Obama.

    As to the election, which is not until November, Obama has plenty of time to meet with Buono, raise money, and do all the other things he is supposed to do as the leader of his party. However, if Buono loses, it will be her fault, not Obama’s.

  4. Momotombo

    Buono has the guts to stand up to Christie and her own party is what – jealous or scared?  It is shameful.

    I say we mount a little phone in to the White House and let our president know that we want – we expect – his support for our candidate.  I will gladly dial – anyone want to join me?


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