The Ferriero Story Continues

Now I know why some FOJ (Friends of Joe Ferriero) keep stalking me on Blue Jersey. Because right around the time the Freeholders are trying to bring back the bad old days of Pay to Play in Bergen County under Joe – including his minion Freeholder Ganz, THIS story comes out.…

It appears that Mariner’s Bank which was run by the developer Diabes – who has been a big player in construction and who got the boondoggle bid for Overpeck Park – loaned – unsecured mind you – and at 6% – $350,000 to Joe Ferriero, as well as other questionable loans to Dennis Oury and former Dumont Mayor Matthew McHale.  

This story is the gift that keeps giving.  I would not want to be Joe Ferriero when his bill of $387,000 comes due for that loan in July.  This story just keeps reminding everyone just how messed up things were in Bergen County during the Reign of Boss Joe.   And there are a lot of his best buds that really want folks to forget what happened – like Freeholder Ganz. Ganz reminds me of the minions in Harry Potter, who wish for nothing more than the return of he who shall not be named.  Hence this diary to remind everyone.  I highly recommend you read the full article.  It is pretty fascinating.  Even the Bergen County Prosecutors office was involved – parking their money at Diabes’ bank.  What a tangled web.  

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  1. Joebluejersey11

    At least the Alan Marcus run Bergen Record is consistent……

    They run a non-story with no point or reason  about the 2008 BCDO chairman on his personal debt, which has no public or personal benefit, yet never does any follow up story on the Republican Family Values County Exe. Kathleen Donovan found to have underage girls drugged out in her home with illegal drugs and drug instruements.   You would think Bergen County with 70 bed room communities raising their children in a drug free enviroment and we have a Republican leader who cuts college aid, cuts aid for drug treatment and not one story on this,,,,,

     Great to see that American Dream lobbyist and Bergen County Party Boss Alan Marcus is still calling the shots at the Bergen Record and yet the Bergen Record and CarolH and selective Progressives continue to ignore our current train wreck of scandals  (American Dream etc)and choose to continue rewrite history……


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