Healy Concedes; Fulop Wins Jersey City Mayoral Race

The Healy era draws to a close in Jersey City, and the Fulop era begins:

Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy just called the election for challenger Steven Fulop.

“If there is anything I can do to help him out after the transition, I stand ready, willing, and able to do it,” Healy said.

His comments drew cheers from a tearful crowd at his Oakland Avenue headquarters. The crowd chanted back “We love you, mayor.”

“Thank you all and God bless you all, by the way, I am still going to Casino in the Park,” the mayor said, referring to the Jersey City catering house where a celebration was planned.

When he called the race the screen in the front of the room read, “Fulop 52.1 percent of the vote (14,675 votes), while Healy tallied 38.6 percent (10,860 votes.)

And education privatizers throughout the state were heard to rejoice…

I’m sure there will be analysis here tomorrow, but add your thoughts now, in comments and the poll found after the flip.

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  1. Jersey Jazzman (Post author)

    Another Wall Street guy cozying up to the corporate education reformers?

    Not good…

  2. Steve M

    Healy was just not acceptable.  Have to hope for the best with the new guy.

  3. ken bank

    If she’s lucky Fulop will stay neutral. Even so this has been a big hit for the Hudson County Dems, who Buono will have to depend on for a humongous turnout to balance pro-Christie margins in the suburbs and rural districts.

    Expect to see Christie reach out to Fulop like he did Joe D. and Brian Stack. I’d be surprised if Fulop actually endorses Christie, but I’d be even more surprised if he endorses Buono.

    From the Jersey City results there is no way Buono can beat Christie by relying on the Democratic “base” to turn out for her. The private unions are falling all over themselves to kiss Christie’s hand, while public sector unions arfe reluctant to spemd significant sums on a lost cause. The only chance Buono has is to appeal to suburban voters on issues they care about the most, which is funding for schools and property tax increases. Unemployment will not be an important issue since the 90% of voters who have jobs don’t care about the ones that don’t, and if they do care they’ll be more likely to blame Obama since unemployment is a national issue. So Buono has to focus on “soccer moms” concerned about funding for public education, and the rest of the voters she has to explain how she’s going to reduce their property tax burden, which is the number one issue for most voters and the issue that Christie is most vulnerable.  

  4. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Don’t forget that Jersey City elected Republican, wall street, voucher loving, Brett Schundler a couple of times.  While Fulop is a Democrat, as opposed to Democrat turned Republican Schundler, obviously Jersey City has some politically schizoid tendencies.  But Healy had been in for nearly decade and had baggage.

    I agree this is quite problematic for Buono and the state Democratic party as a whole.  Fulop received endorsements and support from Joe D and Kevin O’Toole.  He will fit in with the Brian Stack camp.  I would expect him to stay neutral in the governor’s race since that’s really all Christie needs him to do.  That way Fulop wouldn’t have to sacrifice some of his Democratic cache.

    In short, big win for the Christiecrats.  Defeat for mainstream and progressive Democrats.

  5. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Yes, it’s heading in the direction of being privatized.  At least when it comes to education.

    His political backers included Appaloosa Management co-founder David Tepper and Pennant Capital Management founder Alan Fournier. He was the subject of supportive mailings from Better Education for New Jersey Kids, a New Brunswick-based political action committee that was started in 2011 by Tepper and Fournier to support the creation of charter schools, privately run with public funding.


    Not to mention vouchers.

    When it comes to education, if you liked Brett Schundler, you’ll love Fulop.


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