“Funny” – New One New Jersey TV spot

One New Jersey’s latest TV ad is a purposeful move to peel Gov. Chris Christie’s made-for-teevee personality away from his record as governor; peel away what it looks like he’s doing from what he’s actually doing. Hits him straight in the cult of personality he’s riding on.

What do you think, Blue Jersey?

Joshua Henne speaks for One New Jersey:

“The Chris Christie who perfected the art of celebrity through late night TV and manufactured Youtube moments has far from perfected the actual job of standing up for New Jersey’s working families and values. It’s easy to giggle about Springsteen and the Mets with Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman, but it’s quite another thing to answer for consistently trailing America when it comes to jobs, vetoing women’s health funding and vetoing an increase in the minimum wage while protecting a tax cut for millionaires.”

We’ve seen the governor’s playbook; it’s combo-package of over-playing his performance in Hurricane Sandy recovery (except when it’s time to answer for the AshBritt contract) mixed with heavy reliance on his carefully cultivated public persona of Jersey Shore swagger, bombast and bullshit, much of it at taxpayer expense. Strip away all that, and Chris Christie fails on the merits. And the numbers.

Your property taxes are a disaster under Chris Christie: NJ Spotlight’s just analyzed the numbers, finding net property taxes in NJ rose 18.6% in Christie’s first 3 years in office, compared to just 6% in Gov. Corzine’s last 3 years in office. And you’re getting less for for that, because the cuts have been pushed to local municipalities, who’ve had to raise fees and slash services. Commuters? You’ve got rising train ticket prices, bus fares and tolls. We’ve backed off on fixing dilapidated schools, and Christie calls our teachers thugs. We have the second-highest foreclosure rate in America, even though rates a falling to their lowest levels since 2008.

Chris Christie would prefer you don’t know about this, don’t think about it, and definitely don’t mention it to your neighbors, co-workers and the lady you know from church, and the guy you talk to on the bus. I hope you tell everybody.  

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