DFA Announces National Endorsements: Barbara Buono, Marie Corfield, Ed Zipprich, Jeff Gardner

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Today, Democracy for America (DFA) announced national endorsements for four New Jersey candidates:

Barbara Buono (NJ Gov): DFA Chair Jim Dean on Buono:

“Since 2010, Chris Christie has tried to drag the consistently blue state of New Jersey to the right by blocking marriage equality, denying climate change and supporting anti-choice legislation in an effort to further his own national ambitions. New Jersey deserves better, which is why Democracy for America is proud to support Barbara Buono for Governor”.

Buono on DFA:

“I am running one of the largest grassroots campaigns in New Jersey’s history so it’s an honor to be endorsed by one of the largest and most influential grassroots organizations in the country. Together, Democracy for America and I will make sure that New Jersey returns to a state where everyone can get a quality education, find a good-paying job and provide for their families.”

Marie Corfield (LD16 Assembly): Marie’s loss last year was so narrow against appointed Republican Donna Simon that it took nearly a month to determine the outcome as votes were counted in the challenging, chaotic weeks after Hurricane Sandy. So close, the outcome wasn’t known until the end of November. The national Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) declared Marie’s 2012 race as the top grassroots-powered campaign in the nation.

Ed Zipprich (LD11 Assembly): Ed is the longtime organizer of DFA’s most consistently strong local group, in Monmouth County. He’s a key component in the ongoing Democratic rise we’re now watching unfold in Monmouth, as Red Bank Dem municipal chair under County Chair Vin Gopal. And Ed is an essential resource in Red Bank, his hometown, where he serves on Council and has been campaign manager for many of his colleagues on the 100% Dem council.

Jeff Gardner (Hawthorne Council): Jeff is homegrown DFA, Passaic DFA leader, and homegrown Blue Jersey. He became Hawthorne’s Democratic municipal chair after a party struggle in which Jeff and his team used grassroots power and fresh ideas to change the direction of Hawthorne’s local Dem effort, leading Charles Stile, political columnist for The Record to call Jeff a bona fide giant-slayer.

Disclosures? Yeah, we got ’em. Jump page …

There’s a lot of disclosures to be made here. And I’m really proud of them.

Blue Jersey itself emerged from a group of people who were already involved in New Jersey and presidential politics through DFA, and just before it, Howard Dean’s game-changing campaign for president.

Blue Jersey’s founder Juan Melli. Many alumni writers. And several currently on staff. And me. And Jeff Gardner. We all came from DFA; Jeff & I represent the state DFA-NJ.

DFA’s national endorsements in New Jersey follow from its local and state endorsements. And when one of its active members or leaders – like Ed Zipprich or Jeff Gardner – run for office, the statewide call for DFA endorsement is noisy and enthusiastic. And it should be; Ed and Jeff are people we’ve worked alongside. We know them; we’re proud of them. And it’s an easy call for DFA’s national HQ and political staff; they know Ed and Jeff too, and how good they are.

Marie Corfield was another easy call for DFA. Her race – in the redistricted LD16, with its Democratic voter majority – was and is a gutsy move. This is an ordinary teacher who never thought about running for office until she publicly confronted Christie on his education cuts and his insults to her profession. But it was clear; she is a vibrant natural leader who has earned the respect and support of Democratic leaders and electeds, without losing the fresh, forward-thinking appeal that defines her. I’m happy to say, I live in this district, and I’m kitchen cabinet for this campaign.

Barbara Buono is not only the presumptive Democratic nominee facing up to Chris Christie, she is the woman who took him on when a rafter of big tough men declined to do so. Bedrock progressive, tough enough to stare the Governor right in his eye and unbossed by the the bosses, Buono is scrappy, decent, determined and the kind of standard-bearer DFA rushes to support.

Big ups to all four of these candidates. And thanks to DFA HQ for recognizing how good they all are.

DFA has dedicated on the ground field staff to help these campaigns build the grassroots support they need to put them over the top.

Democracy for America (DFA) is a one million member strong, people-powered political action committee. Founded by Gov. Howard Dean in 2004, DFA is dedicated to fighting for a fairer, more progressive America by electing real grassroots progressives to offices up-and-down the ballot in all 50 states. DFA endorses progressive candidates running for office from water reclamation board to the presidency, stands up on issues from health care reform to fracking, and DFA is committed to providing our members with the training and support they need to win.

Comments (4)

  1. Marie Corfield

    I’m honored once again to be a nationally endorsed DFA candidate. I take great pride in running a grass-roots campaign. I truly feel people-powered! In an era when corporate money is buying up elections from coast to coast, the vast majority of my supporters both inside and outside LD16 have been ordinary people like me, who just want a seat at the table. I look forward to being their standard-bearer again this year, and winning in November!

  2. Jeff Gardner

    Proud to be included along with three amazing people like Barbara, Marie and Ed. Now the hard work begins.

  3. EJZip

    Quite an honor and I am most appreiciative. It is a proud moment to be endorsed with these outstanding progressive champions!

  4. sandinbrick

    I just wanted to congratulate Barbara Bruono and my friend Marie Corfield, and the other two. This is the moment I love Blue Jersey. Thanks.


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