Christiecrats working hard to undermine Buono’s choice for party chair

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Barbara Buono wants to appoint Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell  to be the new party chair.  This is usually the undisputed perogative of a presumptive nominee.  But the bosses and those who represent them in the legislative leadership are not thrilled by the O’Donnell choice.  And their reason gives a new spin on the word chutzpah.

According to a source familiar with the meeting, Sweeney told Buono O’Donnell was a poor choice to be party chairman and would further divide an already factionalized party.  According to the source, Sweeney told Buono the pick was hers, but stressed that it should be someone other than O’Donnell.

“He told her that while the pick would benefit people close to her, it would not benefit her or the party,” the source said.

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Last week, Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, who is serving as the chairwoman of the Buono campaign, approached party leaders to float O’Donnell as the choice, but Coleman continued to receive pushback, this time from Oliver, who said openly that she wasn’t sure she could trust O’Donnell.

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One Democrat had a different take, theorizing that the concern emanating from Sweeney and others had more to do with control of the money raised by the state committee than party unity.

“That’s what it seems like to me,” the Democrat said.  “They may be worried that O’Donnell or whoever Barbara picks will control all the money raised by the state committee and they don’t want that.”

Divide the party?  Where were they when they dumped Buono and Dick Codey from leadership?  Did they object then to dividing the party?  How about when they supported Christie’s legislative agenda, including pen/ben and the Rutgers takeover?  Were they concerned about dividing the party then?  Or when the likes of Norcross, DiVincenzo and Stack held hands, literally and figuratively, with Christie?  Were they acting in the interests of party unity?

No.  They’ll only tolerate Buono as a sacrificial lamb.  And they will do what they can to undermine her to ensure that she is.  But if she, as nominee, wants to put her imprint on the party, or threatens their control, they will actively seek to block her.  All in the name of party unity.

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  1. firstamend07

    If Buono wants the support of ALL Democrats then she cannot continue to act like an outsider.

    If she was smart she would barter this pick for something else.

    Is O’Donnell that important?

    Remember, she needs them. Time for Buono to play nice !

    Get something for giving something I say!  

  2. firstamend07

    I get the feeling that many here look on the Buono candidacy as some sort of crusade.

    Elections are for one thing, WINNING!

    She needs the very same people who are asking her to give up on O’Donnell. Politics is about ” you scratch my back I scratch your back.” Here is her chance to show that she can work with others.

    Her ONLY chance at making this race anything except a total blowout is for herto give up a little of her independence and work with some people while holding her nose.

    She has been asked to do this ” favor” . As a candidate who has very little money,name recognition,or standing in the polls she either starts ” getting along” or she gets blown out.

    If she is just leading some sort of crusade then I say ” good luck” and move on to saving the State Senate and Assembly.

    The ball is in Buono’s court.


  3. kalimirch

    But I wish she wasn’t picking O’Donnell, who really is a machine politician, even as he is somewhat independent (more than most at least).  I wish she’d have really bucked the boss system and picked a Jun Choi or even a progressive leader from one of the red counties, where the local Dems aren’t beholden to anyone since the state party does nothing for them.

  4. firstamend07

    nuff said


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