Buono responds back to Christie: “A Record Like That”

We’ve said it before, and newspaper editorials have too. Christie’s success floats on YouTube moments, donut-eating on teevee and spider smashing with the cameras whirring. The blur of propaganda for this Governor is sophisticated and professionally managed, designed to look like it’s not even being managed. And he scores like a TV star. But his argument for re-election utterly falls apart when you examine his record on the metrics of New Jersey’s economic condition, particularly in the issue that New Jerseyan’s care about most, our property taxes. And property taxes up nearly 20% with 400,000 out of work doesn’t look good no matter how hard your spinners are spinning.

The video below from the Buono campaign is a response to Chris Christie’s negative ad on Buono. At :07, it cites Mark Magyar’s widely-read analysis at NJ Spotlight of the spike in property taxes under Christie (read it here). Christie’s response to Magyar’s piece? An attack on Magyar personally (read that here). Following that within hours, was the Ledger’s Tom Moran and his sharply critical piece defending Magyar’s good journalism (at a rival publication, which was a classy thing for Moran to do) and pointing out that for all Christie’s stomping around (my term) Christie has been unable to produce different numbers (Moran’s must-read, here).

Here’s Buono’s video. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

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  1. kalimirch

    Love the part about balanced budgets being the law.  That’s a fact that’s so misunderstood because of the focus Republicans have on balancing the budget at the federal level.

    I’m usually not a fan of attack ads, but this one doesn’t get personal and is probably necessary for Buono to have a shot.

  2. Jeff Gardner

    And I like the recurring theme of responding quickly to Christie ads with mock-ads that address his directly. That should continue.

    But, I’d also really like to see an ad before the primary that is not a response to Christie – a big lush bio ad that introduces Buono and lifts her up with little or no mention of Christie.


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