Buono endorses Lizette Delgado for Democratic State Committee Vice Chair

Lissete Delgado.aspxBarbara Buono is endorsing the executive director of SEIU, Lizette Delgado, to be the NJ state Democrats’ number two. She would be the first Latina in New Jersey history to serve in that capacity. Delgado made history in 2002 when she became the first Hispanic to be named Assistant Secretary of State.

This is fresh off an announcement last weekend at the Democratic state conference in Atlantic City that her pick for chair is Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell. It is NJ Democratic party custom for the nominee to have the right to set party direction by selecting the officers that will run NJDSC. Those selections are traditionally confirmed when the party reorganizes after the June primary. But it’s unclear what will happen this time. The O’Donnell pick didn’t make Senate President Steve Sweeney happy, and he has been very vocal about it, undercutting both the Buono campaign and her authority as nominee (and his Senate colleague) inside the party.

I don’t know whether a vice chair pick from Labor is meant to shut Sweeney down – his day job is General Organizer for the  International Association of Ironworkers – but Delgado on her own merits is an excellent choice. SEIU is a strong progressive union, representing more than 40,000 workers across the state in four major industries. Most importantly, many of the workers Delgado has spent her organizing years working for are low-wage workers. Delgado understands to her bone what the lives of the working poor of New Jersey are about.

In a state where the Governor’s policies – sometimes with considerable Democratic enabling – favor the state’s wealthiest and the expense of New Jersey’s children and those who are working but struggling to pay the household bills, including Delgado’s voice in Democratic Party leadership is a major forward step. And it would signal a return to the values and principles the Democratic Party is supposed to be about.

A first-generation Hispanic American, the highly-regarded Delgado believes that our economy is strongest when the middle class is growing and workers are represented and fairly compensated. Delgado:

“I am honored to be named Vice Chair of New Jersey’s Democratic State Committee. This campaign will decide what kind of New Jersey we want to be. In Governor Christie’s New Jersey, economic and educational opportunities are scarce, property taxes are at record highs and union workers are vilified. That’s not the kind of New Jersey I believe in.”

A champion for the working poor, Delgado has spent her career advocating for the underrepresented. A first-generation Hispanic American, Delgado believes that our economy is strongest when the middle class is growing and workers are represented and fairly compensated.

“I am determined to elect Democrats up and down the ticket. Our party is the best way forward to restore New Jersey’s economy and strengthen our middle class by investing in infrastructure, reining in property taxes and protecting workers’ rights.”

Boom. Deal with THAT.

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  1. firstamend07

    Drop the other guy and move her up.

    But with the other guy calling the shots there will continue to be a problem.

    Ms. Delgado was never part of a Party coup.Maybe Buono is trying to be a leader and not a divider with this pick.  

  2. Hetty Rosenstein

    I could give a dozen reasons why this is a great choice.  She’s South Jersey.  She’s Latina.  She’s labor.  She’s community.  But really it comes down to Lizette.

    Lizette Delgado is really smart, and she relates well to everyone.  In fact, you would have to have something wrong with you to not like Lizette. Best of all, Lizette has CORE values.  She’s not a hack.  She believes in the core values of progressive democrats.  She’s that good.  

    I really hope this *&#$war over the party structure ends soon.  There is no one I can think of who can legitimately complain about Lizette.  She’s a true asset.

  3. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    I’m really charged up about this choice. She seems like a bedrock Democrat, forward-thinking, highly-regarded by everyone I’ve talked to. An excellent person coming from the world of labor to work alongside a chair with roots in firefighting, city administration (Director of Public Safety, Bayonne) and as an elected legislator.

    Let’s go with this team.

  4. Jeff Gardner

    Barbara Buono has made an excellent choice here. The more this campaign progresses, the more I think, “keep choppin.”

  5. dan perskie

    could someone ask Lizette Delgado to call an old ( yes like in aarp old) friend ofLizettes. i’m takling some issues involving a couple of overly qualified Latinos to get some work down here in Atlantic County. ihaveknown her and loved her for almost 25 years
    my cellphone is 609-418-0021. my name is Dan Perskie

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Dan, I don’t know how I missed this comment, but I will be glad to pass this on to Lizette. – – Rosi


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