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I wasn’t planning on writing anything about yesterday’s decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow (finally) (after years of challenge) (making themselves, if it’s possible look even more antiquated than they already did) gay boys into their organization, but bar gay men from leadership.

The best known person in the movement to bring BSA kicking and screaming into the light is, of course, Middletown, NJ’s James Dale. Nobody could have expressed the implied insult to gay people (and the rest of us) in BSA’s decision better than he just did. He calls it “a bit of a step backward” because the policy continues the ban on “open or avowed” gays, conveying he says to young gay Scouts it’s only a matter of time before they’ll be unwelcome, that being gay is youthful indiscretion, but there’s no future for you.

The Girl Scouts, are much cooler. And girls rule, boys drool.

I am related to a very fine young Eagle Scout (who disagrees with BSA’s policies) and some adorable little Boy Sprouts, as we call them in our family. But I can’t deal with BSA’s national council policy change without mocking. And the best commentary on BSA comes in jokes. So, here:

@LOLGOP suggested the Boy Scouts of America had a little work to do before they earn their humanity badge. And also gives us this:

The Boy Scouts of America will accept openly gay Scouts but not gay adult Scout Leaders. Because who wants kids to grow up to be leaders?

And Blue Jersey Facebook friend Lisa posted this on her page:

Maybe the BSA will create an ex-gay therapy merit badge.

Right? Okay, serious stuff, Garden State Equality’s statement, is after the jump. And also the favorite joke of the late Helen Efthim, just for you.  

Statement of Troy Stevenson of Garden State Equality:

The Boy Scouts of America have made a positive step in the right direction against bias and bigotry, but they have still not completed their necessary evolution toward full equality and inclusion. And although they have made progress, they remain on the wrong side of history tonight.

While they have affirmed the rights of gay male youth to participate as Scouts, their door is still firmly shut to the full spectrum of LGBT families.

What message is the Boy Scouts organization sending to an elementary aged Scout when his two moms or two dads are not permitted to volunteer? How should an LGBT teenager feel when told that he is eligible to participate as an Eagle Scout, but then may not help lead his younger brother’s troop the following year?

This positive step toward inclusion by the Boy Scouts is welcome and long overdue, but the Scouts are still falling far short of fulfilling their stated mission of ‘building a more conscientious, responsible, and productive society’ for all of its members and not just some.

We applaud the Boy Scouts’ leadership on the step toward inclusion they have taken tonight but urge them to complete their evolution toward full equality with due haste.

Helen Efthim’s Favorite Joke:

How do you start a fire?

Rub two Boy Scouts together.

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    maybe you did not plan to write on this but I for one am GLAD you did!!


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