Time for Governor to Reconsider Marriage Veto

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In what can only be described as a wholly justified, properly legal and completely shit-fucked decision, the FEC has decided that same-sex couples legally married under state law are half-Americans.

A gay couple married under state law cannot give a joint contribution to a federal candidate if they make it from an individual banking account, the Federal Election Commission voted unanimously Thursday.

In a somewhat emotional session, FEC commissioners lamented the fact they had no choice but to deny gay couples the same rights as straight ones, given the Defense of Marriage Act’s legal requirements. Dan Winslow, a Republican candidate in next week’s primary for the open Massachusetts Senate seat, had requested the advisory opinion.

“Mr. Engle, sometimes the law’s an ass,” declared FEC chair Ellen L. Weintraub, referring to the line from Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” in addressing Winslow’s attorney Craig Engle.

So now same-sex married couples have lost their first amendment rights, rights the Supreme Court grants to corporations?  They’re currently hearing DOMA, and if they uphold the idiotic law they would have — in a period of three years — decided that artificial legal constructs have more rights than two men or two women who love each other enough to pledge their lives to each other.

Governor Chris Christie vetoed marriage equality a while back, going against the public will.  He can make great strides towards proving he really is the man of the people he presents if he reconsiders that veto and stands with the large LBGT community and their loved ones in New Jersey against outright and unconstitutional bigotry.

Mr. Christie, rescind your veto and sign the marriage equality law.  Public opinion and history would be on your side.

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  1. Senator Loretta Weinberg
  2. Jeff Gardner

    If the Supreme Court rules, as expected, that DOMA is unconstitutional, it will mean neither Governor Christie nor any of the Republican legislators who currently claim that Civil Unions provide equal rights can make that claim anymore.

    Married same-sex couples will be entitled to Federal rights that Civil Union couples will be denied.

    It will constitute a dramatic change of the landscape, and either an opportunity for the Governor to “evolve” or an indisputable basis for reasonable Republicans to override.

  3. John Bartlett

    Unfortunately, the FEC is correct for as long as DOMA is the law of the land and bars the federal government from recognizing legal marriages — and to her credit, Commissioner Weintraub thinks that’s wrong.

    Governor Christie should sign the marriage equality bill, as I have written before.  But I don’t think civil unions partners have to wait to make a joint contribution to, say, Barbara Buono.  Our civil unions legislation provides:

    Parties to a civil union shall have all of the same benefits, protections and responsibilities under law, whether they derive from statute, administrative or court rule, public policy, common law or any other source of civil law, as are granted to spouses in a marriage.

    Since contributions to State and local (as opposed to Federal) candidates are governed by state law, and not federal law, my view is that partners in a NJ civil union with a joint checking account could take advantage of the two-signers rule that allows contributions up to $5,200 (double the $2,600 limit per individual donor) when both partners sign the check.

    Subject to all the usual provisos (it’s an issue of first impression, I’m not providing legal advice to you dear readers, etc), I suspect ELEC would agree.  Anyone feel like filing an Advisory Opinion request to resolve the question?


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