This Is Why I Love Barbara Buono

Barbara Buono is far more direct and honest than Chris Christie could ever hope to be – she has no problem calling an ass an ass, even when he’s a powerful “journalist”:

The rest of the interview doesn’t go much better: Matthews interrupts Buono mid-sentence 14 times, spends a hefty chunk of the five-minute segment on a nasty political ad that then-governor Jon Corzine ran against Christie in 2009 (“Didja like that ad?”), and when it comes time for a commercial break – Matthews extends a hand across the anchor desk. “You’re very nice, senator.”

Off the air, the host makes a sort of peace offering: “Oh, I was tough on you.”

Buono disagreed. “I wasn’t gonna give him the satisfaction,” she later recalled, two weeks after the April interview. “I said, ‘No you weren’t.’ And he said, ‘But don’t worry, people will all just be talking about how you were on Hardball.'”

That’s what this ass said,” Buono added, standing outside a campaign event in Bayonne, N.J., just about six months out from Election Day. “It’s early in the campaign. I’ll remember that. But it’s hard to know how to handle it, particularly as a woman. It’s just hard. I keep thinking how I would have done it differently.”

Good for her. Matthews is an ass, and has a long history of being a misogynist pig whose condescension toward women and outrageous behavior  has become the stuff of legend.

You’ll never see Chris Christie call out a national media personality the way Buono just did for this kind of crass, boorish behavior. He’s too afraid of the ramifications for his career.

Buono, on the other hand, has no such wimpy streak. Which is why she is going to wind up surprising the hell out of Matthews and the rest of the punditocracy this year – count on it, Tweety.

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  1. ken bank

    If all she talks about is Chris Matthews, guns, gays, and the Lottery. Even unemployment is a nonissue since 90% of voters have jobs and don’t give a rats rear end about the other 10% who don’t. Besides unemployment is a national issue that people are more likely to blame Obama rather than Christie.

    If Buono wants to win she needs to talk alot more about property taxes and school funding, especially in suburban districts. And Christie has handed her an issue on a silver platter that she needs to take advantage of, since there is very little else that she can talk about which will get the attention of suburban voters.

    As Jazzman stated in a post a few days ago, there is a “stealth tax” imposed by Christie that, in effect, results in a net reduction of school aid to many suburban districts, even the ones that overwhelmingly vote GOP. Well, it isn’t “stealth” anymore. Today I got a letter, sent to all parents, from the School Superintendent in Barnegat explaining that the reason for massive layoffs and cutbacks in our district, as well as the maximum increase in property taxes, is Christie’s stealth tax on our new high school and elementary school, all of which were necessary to accommodate growth in our district. She even included a copy of the analysis done by the Education Law Center, which Jazzman cited in his blogpost.

    As I see it this is the only issue Democrats, and Buono in particular, will ever have to make some significant inroads into GOP strongholds like Barnegat, which overwhelmingly voted for Christie four years ago, but now I doubt he would get enough votes for dog catcher. Voters in Barnegat, especially parents, are angry, upset, livid, and ripe for picking. This is the issue that will decide the election, not guns, gays, God or Chris Matthews, but only if Buono and other Democrats take full advantage. This needs to be the centerpiece of her campaign.  

  2. firstamend07

    I saw the interview.

    That is what Buono and her campaign team should focus on.


    Buono better wake up and start understanding that NO ONE IN NJ KNOWS WHO THE HELL SHE IS!

    So Matthews was a little abrupt with her. WHO CARES!

    Her campaign is going no where . She announced in December, it is almost May ,and almost 75% of the voters do not even know her.

    Now she is whining about how Matthews was not nice to her?

    Hey.There is no crying in politics! If she wants to be on the big stage then she is going to need some thick skin.

    This whining is a big mistake.    


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