The Buck Stops … Where?

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Is there really any substantive difference between the actions of former Rutgers Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Rice and those of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie?

Both have used offensive language – Rice against players in what he probably but erroneously figured was a way to motivate them, and Christie against female legislators like Senator Weinberg and Assemblywoman Vainieri Huttle for political reasons. Of course, that’s just the top of the Christie iceberg.

Rice was fired, and his superiors’ jobs are in jeopardy. Yet Christie is still here.

I guess basketball coaches are held to a higher standard than governors.

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  1. ken bank

    Don’t trivialize the verbal and physical abuse of kids by a college coach by comparing it to some off-the-cuff comments to political reporters by His Honor Governor Christie. Besides, I don’t believe Christie’s use of figurative speech is any worse than some of the figurative comments and statements on this blog. I’m sure Loretta Weinberg has been called alot worse things in her political career, and I’m sure Senator Weinberg is 100 times more outraged at the conduct of Mike Rice than she is offended by Christie’s figure of speech.

    Whether basketball coaches are held to a higher standard is irrelevant. Governors are elected by and directly accountable to the people. Basketball coaches are not. Yet, I’m sure if you or anyone else has video of Governor Christie pushing, shoving, kicking, and screaming homophobic and misogynistic slurs at college kids, then come January we’ll all be dancing and partying at the Inaugural Ball of Governor Barbara Buono.  


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