Remember the VRWC Going After the Clintons?

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I know blogs started around 2000 so the stuff that happened in the 90s doesn’t count, but if we reach back into our collective memories — maybe in an Encyclopedia (look it up, young ‘uns) — to those days to remember the derangement that was the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Bill Clinton was a cocaine kingpin with a huge body count.  Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster for the same incomprehensible reason she fired the travel office.  And they removed all the Ws from keyboards upon leaving the White House. Kenneth Starr (a Jersey guy) and his fellow special prosecutors spent $50 million plus to discover Bill cheated on Hillary and lied about it.

So, for those who think that all the “smoke” around Bob Menendez means he is corrupt, let’s remember that while US Attorney Chris Christie investigated the Senator during election season the office later released a report saying Menendez did nothing wrong.  And the “prostitutes” in the Melgen “scandal” denied ever meeting Menendez and said they were paid to lie.  And now some maids in Florida say the FBI tried to coerce them into saying stuff about Menendez.

Seem familiar?  

Now, it’s possible Bob Menendez has done something wrong. But it’s just as possible that the people who make money and political hay off slandering Democrats have decided Menendez is a good target.

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  1. The Wizard

    seems to have it in for Menendez. When the prostitutes came forward and confessed to getting paid for false statements the Ledger’s headline was:

    Attorney: Women paid for false statements. This misleading headline was there to confuse the readers. Attorney indicates Menendez’s attorney. The attorney who gave the information to the media was a Dominican official The Ledger is going down the crapper, and justifiably so.  


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