Random Drug Testing Students is Wrong. Wrong.

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I saw this in Bob Ingle’s blog and my blood starts to boil:

Six Monmouth County high schools may have students be subjected to random drug tests. The Asbury Park Press reported they are part of the Freehold Regional High School District – which includes Colts Neck, Freehold, Freehold Township, Howell, Manalapan and Marlboro high schools.

This is something that all sides of the aisle — strict Constitutionalists, conservatives, libertarians, civil libertarians, liberals, people who don’t give a damn — should oppose.  Outright and without reservation.

  • The government forces parents to sent their children to schools (which I support);
  • The government then wants to take these children’s bodily fluids — blood or urine — against their will because they’re in school.

Talk about government overreach.  They can’t force kids to give up their Facebook passwords but can take their urine?  How is it possibly legal to compel attendance, then compel behavior because of that attendance in the absence of any evidence, accusation or suspicion?

We’ve not just gone through the looking glass, but smoked the caterpillar’s hooka and licked the mercury-laced Mad Hatter’s wares.

I completely fail to understand what benefit this would have except to ruin young lives, even young lives who never did drugs at the school when the school has oversight.  If a kid smokes a joint at a non-school party on a Saturday will test positive on a Wednesday.  A kid who gets tested on Wednesday then, knowing she won’t be tested for a while, gets stoned during match class the same daywill pass the test.

And the kids who failed the tests will lose scholarships, get into lesser schools, see job potential dim.  All because of … I don’t really know what.  

We know definitively that Barack Obama did drugs. He’s admitted it.  If a policy like this were in place his life would have been destroyed instead of being an inspiration to so many here in the US and around the world. There are rumors about Bush, and Clinton tried but didn’t inhale.

We all know many of our high school classmates who are now doctors, lawyers, Mayors, Governors, bankers, mothers, fathers, teachers, principals and otherwise contributing to society smoked marijuana in high school.  And probably after.  Should they all have had their futures damaged by government intrusion into their bodily fluids?

And, if we’re honest, many of us smoked in high school as well.  Should your life have been ruined for that?


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  1. Babs NJSD

    Michelle Bachmann, Louis Gohmert, Virginia Foxx, Joe wilson, etc. …. Taxpayers should know!


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